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GAC trumpchi for four consecutive years won the Chinese top brand in September 29th, 2016 China car quality study released J.D.Power Asia Pacific (IQS) report. GAC trumpchi ranked 3 increase compared to the year 2015, the industry ranked fifth, China brand made a historic breakthrough, for four consecutive years, the first brand China. At the same time, in the compact SUV segment rankings, trumpchi GS4 with a score of 93 won the first row Chinese product title. The GAC trumpchi led Chinese brand new quality continues to improve, showing vigorous development strength. Quality trumpchi interpretation Chinese brand quality in the world in 2013, GAC trumpchi with 97 points, far exceeding the industry average of 119 of the outstanding achievements, among the forefront of the joint venture, the highest Chinese brand list, break through J.D. Power reports over the years without a Chinese brand more than the industry average quality of the new car "ceiling, also a strong comeback expert about 10 years Chinese car brand to meet J.D. Power the quality of the new car industry average" predicted success for Chinese brand name. In 2014, trumpchi also ranked fourteenth overall, Chinese brand first performance will enhance the quality of China cars to a new height, while in 2014 the trumpchi effect drive, and 6 China car brand to score more than the industry average. In 2015, trumpchi again honors with 96 points ranked eighth overall than many joint venture brands, brand first Chinese. In 2016, trumpchi led China brand to continue to progress, progress in the past six years was significantly higher than that of international brands. This year, the performance gap between Chinese brands and international brands is only 14 PPM, J.D.Power predicts that Chinese brands will reach the international brand quality level in 2018.   GAC trumpchi since its inception, always adhere to the international standards, adhere to the positive development, started based on the global view, the integration of the world’s technical superiority and intellectual resources, build a world-class repairer system set Guangzhou global R & D network, Guangzhou automobile production and global supply chain system as the core, through the active implementation of supply the side of reform, adhere to the practice of five development ideas, adhere to the starting from the high-end products, safety and quality characteristics on the car, through continuous efforts by the market and consumers. This year, trumpchi fully opened high-end strategy, released April flagship sedan trumpchi GA8, launched in October seven large high-end SUV trumpchi GS82017 in April is expected to release a large MPV trumpchi GM8. Just one year after the release of three C high-end models, the move in the global scope are extremely rare, fully demonstrated the strength of GAC trumpchi system platform, intelligent, high-end, GAC trumpchi has become the first in the car, SUV, MPV three market segments first finished luxury C car complete layout China brand. The trumpchi J.D.Power in the mainstream car brand rankings received a score of 94 points China brand first, proof that trumpchi product strength.   and the star car 3相关的主题文章: