Fuxin Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 4 violation of the provisions of the spirit of t-zibba

Fuxin discipline notified 4 cases of violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems this year Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day period, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision and inspection group in conjunction with the county discipline inspection commission composed on the county, city, municipal departments and units to implement the central eight provisions of the spirit to carry out supervision and inspection of the 4 units in the inspection found still exist Gongjusiyong problem to be informed. 1, water source engineering company Zhang Jifei Gongjusiyong problem. September 15, 2016, the city water source engineering company driver Zhang Jifei secretly driving the car license plate number Liao J11726 bus, with his wife and son to return home for the Mid Autumn Festival, by the party warning. Leadership responsibility by the Party branch secretary Wang Puhui admonishing conversation handle. 2, the city highway management segment Li Jun Gongjusiyong problem. September 15, 2016, the city highway management section of the driver Li Jun secretly driving the license plate number of the car back to the town of J00729, Zhangwu, where the unit to give economic punishment, such as the treatment of Li Jun. Long Jia Zhenzhong leadership responsibility for Li Jun Gongjusiyong problem by admonishing conversation handle. 3, the provincial naodehaireservoir administration Liu Dan Gongjusiyong problem. In October 1, 2016, the province Naodehai Reservoir Management Bureau driver Liu Dan secretly driving license plate number for Liaoning J33H79 bus songqin is back home. In the course of the investigation and verification, it is better to explain the situation, against the organization, subject to a serious warning within the party. The Reservoir Management Bureau Service Center Director Dan Guohua Liu Dan Gongjusiyong problem is leadership responsibility, admonishing conversation handle. 4, China postal group Fuxin company Wang Yang Gongjusiyong problem. In October 1, 2016, Chinese postal group Fuxin branch staff Wang Yang driving the bus back to the city from Qinghemen to work, on the way to her home for the holidays, and then back to the city in a vehicle parked in front of the hotel, not in accordance with the provisions of the bus stop back to the unit, warned. Fu Yanan, director of the office of the leadership responsibility for Wang Yang Gongjusiyong problem by admonishing conversation handle. The problem that the wind in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems still exist in our city, especially in some administrative units of the two institutions, enterprises and institutions. City Commission for discipline inspection requirements, Party organizations at all levels should conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility, undertake the management and administration of the party’s political responsibility, continued to force the pressure signal, timely warning, strict requirements, early warning. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should focus on "four winds" invisible variation of new trends and new features, to not close hand, discipline violations found together with the investigation, and investigated the supervision responsibility of relevant leaders, and giving names notification exposure, continue to release a strong signal after the more to the more strict discipline, and let the spirit of the eight Central provisions air plant. > > > more news Liaoning entrance fraud verdict: 6 teachers jailed [258 yuan worth of air frost free trial! Scan two-dimensional code below concern, "Liao Wang" WeChat (txdaliao), reply "air cushion cream" understand and participate in the activities, patted gently makeup like nature itself! ]相关的主题文章: