Fu Bo Iran is better than Korea to bring good luck to the country-cancam

Fu Bo: the Iran team hope to bring more happiness than South Korea’s good luck Fu Bo: Iran team hope to bring more happiness than the South Korean national football sports Tencent in Shenyang in September 2nd (the good luck Zhao Yu) to South Korea before the national football training camp in Shenyang for a week, and now back to here, to prepare for the September 6th Olympic Sports Center in the world the preliminaries with the Iran team of the top twelve in second games. Kuniashikaga Sukenorihiro said that the strength of the Iran team is stronger than the South Korean team, so this game will be more difficult for the team. The national football assistant coach Fu Bo Fu Bo said that the national football team with South Korea to let everyone see the fighting style, coaches also give players a great affirmation in this regard, "I hope this style can carry out, the twelve stage is capable of this." But Fu Bo also admitted that the gap between the national team with the South Korean team is indeed great, whether the scene or the data, there is a big gap with the opponent, we must recognize this. We have not appeared on the stage of the Asian competition for a long time, regardless of the players or coaches, the experience will be a little lack of experience. Only after such a long period of accumulation, can slowly grow up." Speaking of the next opponent Iran, Fu Bo said: Iran team is stronger than the South Korean team, they have been ranked first in asia. Although we fight at home, but still face great difficulties and challenges." Fu Bo said that the Chinese Football Association has sent a special person to Iran to watch their games with Qatar, when the information will also provide some help. "Iran’s strength is there, but our desire to hit the world cup remains the same, every game will go all out." Fu Bo said, the team returned to Shenyang game, get a lot of support, "Shenyang was China football paradise, I hope this can bring good luck to China team."相关的主题文章: