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Fu Bo: goals faster than expected, there are two things still regret, Phoenix sports news (reporter Liu Lusha Vientiane reported) 5-0, and then a city. Beijing time on March 29th, the U23 Asian Cup qualifier in the group phase, China Olympic team beat Singapore team to 5-0, after two consecutive top of the group. After the match, Fu said that the score was faster than expected, and he scored 70 points for the whole team. Commented on the game, Fu Bo said that fast scoring is a good thing, but there are still regrets, leading some slack, plus pottery source injury. "As with the field, we scored quickly, and in hot weather we had a lot of control over everybody, and they played more calmly. But there are also regrets, leading to play a little slack, the ball handling is not good enough. Maybe it’s a lead plus a heat. Besides, we hurt one player and it’s not a good place to win." Fu Bo said. First hit Mongolia, Wu Xinghan scored the first goal in second minutes; this game against Singapore, Li Yi only use 1 minutes and 10 seconds to use goalkeeper error to book a ball. Both teams scored quickly, and Fu said it was a pre match plan. "Aiming at the environment and the hot climate, scoring goals as soon as possible can save energy, but the goal is faster than expected."." The first game for the team performance Fu Bo played passing, scoring and Singapore after the game again, Fu Bo gave the team performance with 10 points, "thanplaying control rhythm control better, Singapore strength stronger than Mongolia, we focused on the back four do, now the players will bring the coach is better, but also need to deal with more and more sophisticated." Talking about Tao Yuan’s injury, Fu Bo said Tao Yuan has been sent to the hospital, but also need to wait for the results of the inspection. With two consecutive victories, the Olympic team will meet the host after the day, is also the last opponent of the group, Fu Bo said that the specific play to finish tonight’s game, the coach group will have a discussion. However, Fu Bo believes that China’s biggest opponent is not Laos, but himself, "our opponents are ourselves, how to overcome difficulties in hot weather, etc.. At the end of the conference, Fu Bohe and Li Shubin did not leave the bus with the players, but watched the match between Laos and Mongolia at night.

傅博:进球比预期来得快 有两件事依然有遗憾 凤凰体育讯(记者刘璐莎万象报道) 5-0,再下一城。北京时间3月29日,U23亚洲杯预选赛小组赛中,中国国奥队以5-0战胜新加坡队,两连胜后暂居小组第一。赛后傅博坦言进球比预期来得快,他给全队打了70分,称比分领先后大家依然有些松懈。 点评本场比赛,傅博表示快速进球是好事儿,但依然有遗憾,领先后有些松懈,外加陶源受伤。“跟上场一样,我们很快取得进球,在炎热天气里对大家场上控制力有好处,大家打得更从容。但也有遗憾的地方,领先后打打有些松懈,中前场处理球不够好。可能是有领先优势加上天热。另外我们伤了一个队员,也是胜利之外不太好的地方。”傅博说。 首场打蒙古,吴兴涵第2分钟打进首球;本场迎战新加坡,李源一只用1分10秒便利用对方门将失误入账一球。两场都很快进球,傅博坦言这是赛前的部署,“针对这里的环境和炎热的气候,尽快进球能节省体能,但是进球比预期来得快。” 首场比赛傅博给全队表现打了及格分,与新加坡赛后再次打分,傅博给队员的表现加了10分,“比上场控制节奏控制更好,新加坡实力比蒙古强一些,我们针对四个后卫做了些准备,现在队员领会教练意图比较好,但还需要处理得更精细些。” 谈及陶源的伤,傅博表示陶源已送到医院,还需等检查结果。 带着两连胜,国奥将在后天迎战东道主,也是小组最后一个对手,傅博称具体的打法还要看完今晚比赛再说,教练组会有讨论。不过傅博认为中国队最大的对手不是老挝,而是自己,“我们的对手是自己,在炎热天气下如何克服困难等。“ 发布会结束后,傅博和李树斌没有随队员一起乘大巴离开,而是留下观看晚上老挝与蒙古队的比赛。相关的主题文章: