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From the spindle to the dumbbell TV market pattern showing polarization trend source: home network according to AVC in 2016 Chinese color TV market in the three quarter conference released data show that 1~9 months of this year the national TV sales size of 35 million 460 thousand units, an increase of 7.6%; sales of 106 billion 300 million yuan, down 4.6%, the "quantity or price" condition. In the overall sales rise in the environment, the pattern of the color TV market has gradually changed. The past few decades, Chinese consumer TV market price is located in the end product sales mainly concentrated, economical and high-end products accounted for a relatively small "spindle" structure development. However, smart Internet products brands in recent years to show the "streaming media" content in low price of color TV market, Japanese and Korean brand influence degradation of high price products to high-end products surface and OLED won the favor of economic type TV sales and high-end product sales is gradually increased, the original "spindle" structure to the market the "dumbbell" direction of structure evolution, television viewing habits gradually from the radio signal to the Internet content extension. The first part of the dumbbell: economic color TV market sink sink price of less than 3500 yuan ($500) economic TV market sales growth thanks to the popularity of Internet TV connection function. Since the gradual rise of the Internet TV production in 2009 after the lead price system remained relatively stable for several years has been broken, "foreign" home network "in 2014 China back access Internet TV Industry Research Report", from 2010 to 2014 five years, China’s Internet TV terminal sales grew from 5 million 204 thousand units to 33 million 120 thousand units. Market penetration rate increased from 14.4% to 72.3%. Now in the consumer TV models, has achieved full coverage of networking functions. The industry generally believe that the old environment disruptive "destruction" from the music, millet and other Internet Co began to put into production and operation on low price of Internet tv". This kind of Internet to playback of streaming media content as the main function of the TV, in addition to the necessary networking hardware decompression configuration, to analyze the details of the configuration are more economical, the picture effect is difficult to compete with the traditional high-end tv. In order to enrich the network video resources as a selling point, the software platform annual fee as a profit point, to maximize the cost of hardware to reduce the cost of optional accessories and post payment model to change the past package hardware program. In keeping with rich content at the same time, the TV remained at 1000-3500 yuan ($100-500) ultra low price range, fit for ordinary working population and economy of the dual requirements of content, will be launched by the rapid capture of the low-end consumer market. 2016 Internet TV is still maintained a strong net growth in the three quarter of the Internet brand market share of 22.5%, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 11.8 percentage points. Dumbbell another head: high-end black technology and high-end consumer market on the other end, because the date back into Korea "pattern changes lead to high-end color TV market has gradually shifted to meet the specific needs of black technology.相关的主题文章: