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Foundation and talent: Lenovo equipment + cloud strategy can accelerate? Sohu technology day ago, Lenovo released its 201617 fiscal year second quarter earnings at the same time, announced three new executives to join. The Rui Yong, from Microsoft Asia Research Institute joined Lenovo, Lenovo Group senior vice president and chief technology officer, leadership development and technical team; Kirk Skaugen Lenovo CEO and vice president of data center business group group; Laura Quatela served as senior vice president of Lenovo Group and chief legal officer. I do not know the industry to see the introduction of Lenovo executives feel? At least from the introduction of the executive background, these executives are the well-known "big coffee". So the question is, why Lenovo to such a big move to introduce these heavyweight executives? As everyone knows, in view of the global PC industry slowdown, before Lenovo through the acquisition of Motorola mobile and IBM x86 server business began their journey of transformation, and re established the three wave of diversification strategy. The first wave of Lenovo is the current core business, to maintain its leading position and strong earnings in the field of PC; the second wave is two new growth business (mobile and data center), the future to create a new growth engine; third wave equipment + cloud strategy, Lenovo hope to the interconnection of all things time to become a leader in a "cloud + equipment". According to Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing, the popular explanation is: "eating a bowl (personal computer business), looking at the pot (mobile and data center business), a field (equipment + cloud service). From Yang Yuanqing’s popular metaphor is not difficult to see that the "cloud + equipment" will be the ultimate strategic transformation of Lenovo, Lenovo is currently the business all around this strategy, and to realize this strategy to provide support. From the current performance of Lenovo’s view, "eating pot" of the PC business still maintained a leading position, more importantly, apple and Microsoft have recently with the release of new products in the PC industry, PC market still has innovation and development space, and as the industry leader Lenovo PC compared to naturally will not miss this opportunity, this from Lenovo recently insisted that its future goals with share of 30% of the global PC market under the remarkable change in the. Relative to the PC business, as watching the pot of mobile and data center business while in the integration and investment period, and face greater challenges, especially in the mobile phone as the representative of smart phones. However, the recent success of the listing of Moto Z and Moto Mods (global sales of about 60000 per week); Mods placement rate of up to 60%. Only in Mexico, the day has sold nearly 1300 Moto Z), and is expected to be released in Moto products within a year can reach 3 million units, to enhance its association with the spirit of innovation and brand image at the same time, provided strong support for the implementation of the "Lenovo equipment + cloud strategy. Coupled with the strong performance of the PC market and the market with the market prospects (Lenovo has been the world’s 160).相关的主题文章: