Foreign the Great Wall repair pay attention to the development of management planning with raw mater diying

Foreign "the Great Wall" repair stress: develop management planning for raw materials – Beijing, the last few days, one of the "most beautiful wild the Great Wall is disappearing" news is the major site reproduced, although the parties have repeatedly stressed that the influence of the aesthetic repair is based on doing scientific maintenance plan, but it is still difficult to heal people’s anger. This also caused a number of foreign media, including BBC, including reports. In fact, in addition to Chinese outside the the Great Wall, in other countries there are many similar "the Great Wall", including the British Hadrian the Great Wall, with "Wailing Wall" is famous for the ancient city wall of Jerusalem and so on. Weathered, rain erosion is almost all of the ancient city walls have to face the fate, and therefore, their repair has become a problem, this difficulty not only from the technical. Technical staff are with the best intentions, but at the same time have to face limited practical conditions." Stone, a professor at the school of art and culture, University of Newcastle, said in an interview with the JINGWAH times. Small data UK: Hadrian Hadrian of the Great Wall the Great Wall is located in the British island, built in the Empire of Rome, from the east coast to the west coast of the Tyne estuary, across the Solway Firth, Britain’s neck, a total length of 118 km, including walls, towers and castles? Li Bao, fully represents the garrison system of Rome empire in the era of. According to public information, in the year 122, Rome emperor Hadrian as defense North Pickett counterattack, protection has control of England’s economy, began in England in the north of the border to build a series of fortifications, later known as the Hadrian the Great Wall. Most of the walls of Hadrian’s the Great Wall were made of limestone, but in the West it was made of grass mud, because there was no limestone nearby. Hadrian is now the most popular scenic spot in northern England, and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987 by the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the Great Wall. Every 5 years to develop a management plan, according to Professor Stone, Professor of art and culture, University of Newcastle, UK, the British government as early as 1880s, began to intervene in the protection of the Great Wall, the work of the. By 1920s, the British government enacted the "law of Antiquities and archaeological districts", and in 1928 the Hadrian the Great Wall under the protection of the law. Hadrian the Great Wall has three notable features: every 5 years to develop a unified planning and management, not only to determine the medium-term goal within 5 years to achieve, but also established for the next 30 years work of the protection and management of long-term guiding principles. The plan also confirmed the four basic requirements of protection work, these four requirements are: first, the protection of archaeological sites in and around the unique natural and cultural landscape; second, promote with the development of world heritage conservation farming system, in order to avoid changing the mode of modern agriculture or animal husbandry landscape; third, rational planning of public tours route and travel mode, promote the sustainable development of tourism; fourth, the heritage management promotion of regional and national economic development. In addition, set up a mechanism of regular monitoring of the Great Wall protection status, improve the the Great Wall boryeong use all possible opportunities相关的主题文章: