Foreign media Philippine President’s visit to China rose to the highest specification for 4 days

Foreign media: Philippine President’s visit to the highest standard extended to 4 days of the original title: Philippine media: President Duthel Te’s visit to China rose to the highest specifications extended to 4 days according to the Philippines Daily reported on October 9th, President Duthel Te will visit Philippines on October 18th to 21 on the Chinese access was upgraded to a country, it would be Duthel Te’s first state visit 3 more than a month. Philippines business newspaper, news sources, after the Philippines official consultation to yesterday (8 days) is set to visit president Duthel Te’s specifications from the initial official visit up to visit, visit schedule from the initial 20 to 21, increased to 18 to 21 days. State visit is the highest standard of diplomatic exchanges between the two countries. Duthel Te, President of Philippines, said the report also said that President Duthel Te is expected to hold bilateral meetings with Chinese state leader 20 on the, and is expected to meet with other Chinese officials. During his stay in Beijing, President Duthel Te’s activities will include visiting the Great Wall, meeting with representatives of Chinese business circles, meeting with Filipino nationals in China and so on. This will be Duthel Te’s first visit to China in more than 3 months, and China will be the first country to visit president Duthel Te, in addition to the ASEAN member states. President Duthel Te in September 5th to Vientiane, where to attend the ASEAN Summit held a series of activities, this is his first visit abroad. After the ASEAN summit, Duthel Te visited Indonesia in September 8th and visited Vietnam in September 28th. Prior to his visit to China, President Duthel Te is expected to visit Brunei from 16 to 18 October. After his visit to China, President Duthel Te is expected to visit Japan from October 25th to 27 and visit Russia at the end of this year. Earlier, Philippines media said Duthel Te in a speech in September 22nd, said, so we are doing is to go to china. Of course, Chinese sincerity." China Foreign Affairs University Institute of international relations expert Cha Wen said, "this is Duthel Te is a very clever, he decided the cost is not too high, the gains will be greater." However, Kyodo said that the original plan of Philippines, Japan as the first ASEAN countries outside the region to visit, but the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines strongly requested the first visit to China, Duthel Te accepted the proposal. In this regard, international studies researcher of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Li Kaisheng said, "if this is the case, may be China hope to give the international community a more pro China impression of walter. But the real meaning to do so and I am afraid little Walter relations with Japan have good access order as he may not have too much influence." Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs website news October 6th, Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin held talks with Philippines’s deputy foreign minister Manalo in Beijing, the two sides on the overall situation of Philippine relations including exchanged views on strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields, some analysts believe that this is the Philippines president’s visit to China to prepare. Although the Chinese foreign ministry have not yet been officially announced, but the foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said 23 days, the two sides are Philippines President Duthel Te’s visit to China Yasutoshi相关的主题文章: