Foreign media India for China to enable the forefront of the airport strengthen military post-3u8813

Foreign media: India for Chinese enabled frontier Airport   strengthen military posture — military — original title: foreign media: India for Chinese enabled frontier airports to strengthen military posture according to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on August 22nd, 19 this month, the India air force opened its newly built Pasi Card frontier Airport, and a su -30MKI multi-purpose aircraft landed at this point. The front of the airport is the Zangnan region in 2016 will be put into operation in the 8 India Air Force frontier airport in the fifth. The India air force claimed that Pasi Calder airport laid about 1200 meters long runway runway of the other 4 similar at the frontier airport, including ground handling apron, air traffic control tower, annular runway and high security fence. The India Air Force officer said, the other 4 at the frontier airport located at an altitude of 619 meters to 1980 meters between Arlo, Mei Long Card, and Jiro in Wallonia, are capable of supporting the rotary wing aircraft and transport aircraft. Reported that in two other airports in the region near the frontier Du ting and Tawang will be put into use in 2017, and the other at the airport will be built in the city of victory later enabled. India Air Force officer said that the opening of the Zangnan area at all 8 frontier airport cost 10 billion rupees (about 1 rupees, about $0.1 – Ben note), these airports will also be open to the use of the civil aviation industry to boost tourism. Pasi Card’s frontier airport is part of a broader plan for India’s military, which aims to strengthen its military posture along the line of actual control in response to China’s infrastructure development in Tibet. The program includes at least 5 airports and support to combat aircraft, rotorcraft and transport aircraft from the airport to 8 to 10.   (commissioning editor: Huang Zijuan, Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: