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Forecast period: the main lottery 3D2016263 small code back to the anti – Sohu on the review of lottery 3D 2016262nd lottery number: 659, six groups of morphology, size ratio of 3:0, parity ratio of 2:1, and the value of 20, a span of 4. The number you recommend: 100: 3 thousand and 470: 248: 025: 1 Analysis of this forecast, the size of the trend: the size is smaller than the open 3:0, the missing 4 appeared. According to prescribe the combination record, this period pay attention to small code covering, recommended size than 1:2 in every appearance. 2, parity trend: the period of parity than the open 2:1, the missing 4 appeared. From the chart, the recent even code on the award positive, optimistic about this period even code extension of heat, recommended parity than 1:2 appearance. 3, and the value trend: the period and the value is 20, the missing 31 appeared, and compared with the previous value rose 7 points. Optimistic about this period and the value of the fall, the recommended value interval is 08-13. 4, the group selected the trend: the group of six on the opening form, the missing 4 appeared. From the trend chart, the recent group six and group of the form of fluctuations in the distribution of the group, the heat is slightly higher than the group of six, the current group optimistic about the appearance of the continuous appearance of the 5 phase of the six.相关的主题文章: