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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Easter is a time of year where findings presents for loved ones can be a tricky task. The conventional Easter egg is sometimes not sufficient or relevant enough to the present receiver, so you have to explore other options and ideas for presents. Some people dont like chocolate or are on a diet, so they dont wish to receive an Easter egg. This means you have to think outside the box and find a replacement present. With Christmas only a few months ago and birthdays just around the corner, finding that perfect suitable present can be difficult. Here are some ideas to help out with your problematic present search: Photo Frames You could buy a photo frame and pop a favourite photo of you and your loved one in. This is a great way to remember good times you have had together. If you have the time and also a creative side then create a collage of photos; you can buy large photo clip frames which are reasonably priced and easy to add photos to. Cut out some cool slogans and add shapes for variety amongst your photos. Plants Plants can make great presents; you can get either an indoor or outdoor plant. Get an outdoor plant if the receiver is in to gardening, if not stick to an indoor plant. This is an unusual present and something that can require little or a lot of attention. Talk to someone at your local garden centre to gain an idea of the appropriate plant to give as a present. Personalized paperweights You could get a paperweight or similar glass item personalized for your loved one. This is a unique yet practical present which can also look visually stunning. Glass engraving is beautifully intricate and you can get a photo or piece of text lasered into crystal glass. If paperweights arent suitable why not try a glass key ring or ornament. Adopt an animal Visit your local zoo or find a charity online and buy an adoption subscription. These average around 20 a year and you can adopt an animal of your choosing which is relevant to the charity. These make a great present whilst also helping out the animals! The receiver usually gets a certificate, cuddly toy and photo of their adopted animal which makes it really personal and raises awareness of animals in need. There are some ideas to get you thinking here. If you’re still unsure think about presents youve been given which you love. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: