Fight! Jiaxing 2 days before the production of female doctors in the operation after the start of

Fight! Jiaxing female medical production 2 days before surgery 3 days postpartum and started pregnant women pregnant with the small flower of the motherland, is also the home of the "Panda", they would have "special preferential treatment" by the society… But… In Jiaxing Haining, there is a doctor in the baby before birth. In September, she was still potbellied on the operating table to the patient for appendectomy. The doctor named Li Jieji, is a general surgeon, Haining people, 33 years old this year, her hair looks very smart. She graduated from Wenzhou Medical College, after graduation, she came to the Haining People’s Hospital, is now a doctor in the Department of general surgery, mainly responsible for laparoscopic surgery, gallbladder, appendix, liver and other minimally invasive surgery. Li Jieji’s husband is a high school teacher in charge, usually busy work, it is the turn of duty at 10 in the evening to go home. They have a 5 year old son, the end of last year, Li Jieji was pregnant with a second child. She said that she and her husband always wanted to have a child, not for anything else, just want to let his son have a companion, and two children together, but also conducive to their healthy growth. The operation encountered a few mouthfuls of grilled meal quickly solve the lunch is pregnant with a second child, in addition to the necessary check, Li Jieji has maintained a normal working rhythm. In fact, colleagues also take account of her growing belly, think more for her to share some work, advised her to rest, but Li Jieji heart is not put to work on the other hand, she also felt that work can divert attention, especially morning sickness in early pregnancy is very strong. A concentrated attention can ignore discomfort during pregnancy morning sickness out etc.. Li Jieji’s work is very busy, normal day time is 7:30 every morning classes, one day down, in addition to the necessary clinic, rounds, written records and other work, once in operation, what time can eat no accurate, many are out of a little bit of time, a few mouthfuls of grilled hospital the meal is solved. Hospital provisions of the off time is 17:00 PM, smooth, then she can go to work on time, if you encounter surgery or other emergencies, you have to delay one or two hours, until the things done to work. Sometimes she had got home, also received an emergency call, need to return to the hospital for surgery, until the evening before 23:00 home. For 36 hours she was in the hospital on duty so that Li Jieji at least once a month to do more than and 40 operations, most of the day is 5, 6 sets of surgery, enters the operation room is more than 1 hours… But… At the time of surgery, colleagues are taking care of Li Jieji, if she stood too long, they it will give her move the chair operation will not be so tired. In addition to the normal day, Li Jieji is still the same as before to work on the night shift 5 month later. The night shift is what concept? Is 8:00 in the morning to start work until the second day of the evening 20:00 off. Although during the commuting time to rest, but general Li Jieji in the hospital are on duty, that is to say the whole 36 hours Li Jieji both work in a hospital. When in late pregnancy, while Li Jieji worked at the station for a long time to sit for a long time will also begin to feel tired, feet swollen, with mild gestational high"相关的主题文章: