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Political leaders to Fidel? Castro lamented the death of Sohu – White House press statement on November 29, 1995, Castro’s first visit to Beijing, at the airport he pleased to welcome the crowd waved. Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November – Xinhua News Agency correspondent Castro reported: Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel, 26, died at the age of 25, at the age of 90. 26 days of political leaders expressed condolences over Castro’s death, and express my deepest condolences to the government and people of cuba. The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president Xi Jinping 26 to the Cuban Communist Party first Secretary of the Central Committee and the State Council president and chairman of the Council of ministers Raul Custer recruited a representative? Chinese party, government and people and in his own name, Fidel? The death of Comrade Castro expressed the deepest condolences, extend our sincere condolences to their families. Xi Jinping said in his message, Fidel? Comrade Castro is the founder of the Cuban Communist Party and Cuba socialism, is the great leader of the Cuban people. He devoted his whole life to the Cuban people’s struggle for national liberation and national sovereignty and safeguard the socialist construction of the magnificent career, established immortal historical meritorious service, also established the immortal historical meritorious service for the development of socialism in the world. Fidel, comrade Castro is a great figure of our time, history and people will remember him. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang 26, Raul Custer recruited a representative? Chinese government and people, and in the name of Fidel, comrade Castro died? Deepest condolences to the government and people of Cuba, and Comrade Castro and Fidel? My deepest condolences to the families. Russian President Putin, 26, expressed condolences to the death of Fidel, who died in. Putin said in his message, as an outstanding statesman, Fidel? Castro is a symbol of an era in the history of the modern world. He and his comrades created a free and independent Cuba has become an important member of the international community, for many countries and people set an inspiring example. 26, the White House issued a statement to express condolences to the family of Castro, and said that the history will record and evaluate the tremendous impact of the Cuban people and the world brought to Cuba by Castro. French President Hollande said in the press release, Fidel? "Castro is an influential man" in twentieth Century, he is the embodiment of the Cuban revolution, the Cuban people to resist foreign forces reigns. Hollande to Raul, Fidel, Castro family and the Cuban people expressed condolences to the people of the world. Bolivia’s president Morales delivered a speech at the presidential palace said: "in order to leave the world a great man of endless grief." Morales said he would go to Cuba, "at this difficult time, accompanied by the Cuban government and Fidel – Castro family". He said: "people will never forget the historical merits of Fidel’s resistance to imperialism, and he will always be remembered by the people of Castro." Venezuelan President Maduro wrote on Twitter: "to the world’s revolutionary fighters, we will inherit the legacy of you (Fidel, Castro).相关的主题文章: