Fabulous! Wenling 350 volunteers picked up a total of 15 thousand pounds of garbage in the afternoon-lightscape

Fabulous! Wenling 350 volunteers picked up a total of 15 thousand pounds of garbage every afternoon in September of the year on the third Saturday for the international beach cleaning day, this year is the thirty-first. The afternoon of September 19th, in order to promote environmental protection, to remind the public to reduce emissions of waste in Taizhou ocean, Wenling ocean and Fishery Bureau, the municipal Party committee, Zhejiang provincial fishery Mutual Insurance Association Wenling office in East seawall jointly organized the fourth session of the 2016 Wenling marine ecological civilization and the sea clean day ". The event, 350 volunteers go to Shanghai, together to clean up the marine waste. Just a few hours, the volunteers in about 650 meters long seawall, clean out the 7708.57 kilograms of garbage, installed 300 bags, 135 bags. In picking up the garbage at the same time, the volunteers also use ICC beach garbage record card category garbage record. These data will be imported into the global marine waste database, policy advocacy, scientific research, as well as to promote the management of global marine waste is of great significance. "Marine waste has great harm to marine environment and biology, especially marine plastic waste, endangering the survival of nearly 700 kinds of marine life." Wenling Youth Volunteers Association Secretary General Zhang Xianbin said. Every year, there are about 8 million tons of plastic waste in the world. This will cause great damage to the environment, economy and people’s health. Among them, at least 80% of marine plastic waste from land. According to statistics, the East Main bubble and the seawall waste plastic bags, there is a close relationship between the development of the fishery and tourism with the East China Sea pond. In the future, volunteers will carry out publicity from these two aspects." Since 2013, the official introduction of the Wenling international sea beach project, a total of more than 2000 volunteers organized a total clean-up of marine waste of 10 thousand kg. Last year, the Wenling Youth Volunteers Association was invited as the only representative of the social organization of Taizhou, participated in the Asia Pacific region in the Taiwan sea beach conference. Keeping rubbish away from the sea is the easiest way to maintain the health of the sea. By taking part in the beach activities, everyone can make a contribution to the sea without rubbish.相关的主题文章: