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The exposure into the battle of Warcraft Pelican wizards Miami to chase Warcraft + Trevor – Sohu Sports 2 GMT June 17, according to ESPN reports, sources said the potential home, Howard also learned the pelican and wizards, chasing Howard, Miami want the Rockets to join him as a bargaining chip. So far this season, the Rockets have only won 27 wins and 28 losses, ranking ninth in the west, for the rocket aimed at the crown, such achievements are obviously not satisfactory. Currently, the management of the team is also actively seeking changes in transactions. Earlier, some sources said that the Rockets are selling Howard, which is the main center of the team, the right to become a free agent in the summer. Although the ruling power has declined compared with before, there are still many teams interested in buying Howard. According to sources, pelicans and wizards also joined the battle for Howard, including the Cavaliers, Hornets, hawks, Mavericks, Miami and other teams, including Howard had been rumored". From the current point of view, if the pelican to chase Howard, then Anderson and Asik will become the main trading team of chips, it is worth mentioning that Anderson’s technical characteristics is suitable for rocket tactical system, he is also the rocket favorite players, and Asik had previously played in the rocket, if you can join the rocket, so it can to help the team improve interior defense. For the wizards, this season has not been ideal, so the team also hopes to get the strength of the players to strengthen. It is reported that if the Wizards want to chase Howard, then including Gortat, young players and the next round of the first round of protection, will become their main bargaining chip. In addition, a large potential home heat is Howard, according to sources, such as Whiteside, de Rakic and Deng will become the heat of trading chips, of course, the heat in the pursuit of Howard at the same time, also hope the Rockets can be Ariza to join the deal, Ariza is currently the main rocket small forward. (Fu Yun)

曝鹈鹕奇才入魔兽争夺战 热火欲追魔兽+阿里扎-搜狐体育   北京时间2月17日,据ESPN报道,有消息源称,鹈鹕和奇才也是霍华德的潜在下家,据悉,在追逐霍华德方面,热火希望火箭能加入阿里扎作为交易筹码。   本赛季至今,火箭仅取得27胜28负的战绩,排名西部第9位,对于志在冲冠的火箭而言,这样的成绩显然无法令人满意。目前球队管理层也在积极寻求交易做出改变。   此前有消息人士称,火箭正在兜售霍华德,后者是球队的主力中锋,有权在今夏成为自由球员。尽管统治力相比之前有所下降,但是还是有不少球队有意求购霍华德。   据消息源称,鹈鹕和奇才也加入了这场霍华德的争夺战,此前包括骑士、黄蜂、老鹰、小牛、热火等球队在内,均与霍华德曾传出过“绯闻”。   从目前来看,如果鹈鹕要追逐霍华德,那么安德森和阿西克将会成为球队的主要交易筹码,值得一提的是,安德森的技术特点很适合火箭的战术体系,他也是火箭所心仪的球员,而阿西克此前曾在火箭效力过,如果能加盟火箭,那么无疑能帮助球队改善内线防守。   对于奇才来说,本赛季至今表现并不理想,因此球队也希望能得到实力派球员来补强。据悉,如果奇才要追逐霍华德,那么包括戈塔特、年轻球员以及未来受保护的首轮选秀权,都将会成为他们主要的交易筹码。   除此以外,热火也是霍华德的一大潜在下家,据消息人士称,像怀特塞德、德拉季奇以及洛尔-邓都将会成为热火的交易筹码,当然,热火在追逐霍华德的同时,还希望火箭能将阿里扎加入交易中,阿里扎目前是火箭的主力小前锋。   (浮云)相关的主题文章: