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Expert: quantum radar is not mature on existing equipment to deal with F35 data figure: China Meterwave JL3D-91B anti stealth radar debut show the original title: experts: quantum radar is not mature to deal with F35 to rely on existing equipment following the technical breakthrough in quantum communication and quantum computation, quantum field in China radar news. Recently, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation based on the detection of a single photon quantum radar system successfully developed and reached the international advanced level. Some media said that the quantum radar can be ultra long-range detection, and can detect stealth targets such as stealth fighter. Experts said that the current exploration of quantum radar is a direction, but the country is currently in the basic principles of quantum radar test prototype state, want to achieve weapons level products, there is still a long way to go. For the United States and Japan in China around the deployment of F-35, may still want to hope that the existing anti stealth radar technology. The quantum radar system is completed by 14 Key Laboratory of China Dianke intelligent sensing technology at the University of Science & Technology China, Chinese Dianke 27 joint efforts and the Nanjing University and other partners under the. The radar detecting mechanism, the quantum scattering characteristics of quantum detection principle and experimental verification, and complete the real atmospheric environment target detection test in the outfield, get one hundred kilometers level detection power, greatly improve the detection sensitivity, targets were to achieve the desired effect, made great achievements stage. Experts said that there is no uniform definition of quantum radar standards. In the broad sense, the remote sensor system that can detect the target by using the quantum effect of electromagnetic wave can be called quantum radar. Compared with the traditional radar, the radar pulse signal with a quantum emission photon composition; signal photon interaction with the target to follow the rules of quantum electrodynamics, and quantum field theory to describe the scattering process; at the receiver using photon detectors for receiving and using quantum system state assessment and measurement technology to obtain the target echo signal photon state information. Experts said, not on the classic quantum radar radar subversion, but the quantum information technology into the field of classical radar detection technology to solve the bottleneck in the classical radar detection, measurement and imaging, improve the comprehensive performance of radar. Experts said that the quantum radar is a very promising technology, many countries in the world are to carry out related research, at present, only the United States has more than and 10 teams in the study of quantum radar research, Chinese at present in the middle upper level. Compared with the traditional radar, the quantum radar has better detection ability to the small target in the complex environment. Even if the stealth fighter to send false signals to camouflage, quantum radar can easily find the process of deception and interference of enemy action, and to make accurate judgments of the whereabouts of the target aircraft. Therefore, it can be more effective to detect stealth aircraft. At present, the detection of stealth target basic solution has no problem, such as active phased array radar and high power multi base radar, passive radar, passive radar, skywave radar and other means of comprehensive application, can detect stealth target. However, the weakness of the radar to detect stealth target is the low precision, the.相关的主题文章: