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Expert: Delingha is expected to become the "Chinese Freiburg" – Beijing, Beijing, Delingha, September 23, (Pei Fei) 23, the German economy of Freiburg tourism exhibition promotion department director Chen Lian Chinese affairs being held in Delingha in 2016 the first meeting on the photothermal solar energy industry as the city development and economic growth in a keynote speech he said that Delingha has the natural advantage of photothermal richly endowed by nature, is expected to become the "Freiburg Chinese". Freiburg is the civilization of the World Solar City, Germany is the "green capital", has the largest European solar energy development and utilization of research institutions, has formed a solar energy research institute, solar energy enterprises, suppliers and Service Department of integrated solar economic network. As a model of the green city, Freiburg in climate protection, energy use, transportation planning, garbage disposal and other aspects of the development of modern cities have a model. "Delingha’s sunshine resources are its advantages, we can install the solar panel on the top of the city, if the design is reasonable, Delingha will even become the so-called carbon neutral city." Chen Lian introduction, carbon and carbon dioxide emissions in the city that can be achieved through the use of renewable energy, offset, so that the city reached zero carbon emissions of the city. Chen Lian believes that at present, Delingha has a strong solar energy industry, so it can provide a more powerful backing for urban development in the economy. In addition, there are also the advantages of Delingha characteristic agriculture, mineral resources are very rich, while Delingha has the Saline Lake Lake care card, tea and other natural landscape make its huge potential in the tourism industry, tourism resources and solar energy resources can flex". In addition to these advantages, Delingha also need a reasonable modern urban planning, through its own thermal advantage can create a lot of demonstration projects, started the first city "name card", and then gradually deepen and broaden, "said Chen lian. According to Chen Lian, the German city of Freiburg tourism exhibition economy in November this year to promote the director of Bernd? DAL Dr Mann will go to Delingha to study the solar system of Delingha and Fraunhof Institute of regular cooperation as well as the world’s largest international solar energy technology expo held in Delingha (Intersolar) the possibility of discussion in both solar and other city development cooperation and friendly city and on the basis of the possibility of cooperation. The average annual total solar radiation in Delingha is 6711 MJ, the direct radiation is about 8493 trillion and 300 billion m, the sunshine percentage is about 67.5%, and the number of sunny days is 281, which is the highest value in china. In the same area and capacity under the condition of photovoltaic power generation than the neighboring Gansu, Xinjiang sent 15% ~ 25% of the electricity, the solar energy development area of 2000 square kilometers, with 85 GW photovoltaic power generation (thermal) conditions, which have the conditions for 20 GW of solar thermal power generation. (end)相关的主题文章: