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"Doctor Strange" overseas painting won the praise of the first week of kuangjuan 86 million dollar Sohu entertainment "strange doctor" Chinese vertical version of "strange" poster stills – Dr. City kaleidoscope "strange" stills – Dr. folding multidimensional universe effect was like [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news Beijing on October 31st news, issued by in China, marvel studios production, Disney pictures produced the superhero movie "Doctor Strange" (Doctor Strange) has been scheduled for November 4th US simultaneous release. But "strange doctor" last weekend in 33 overseas countries and regions to open the picture, the instant volume of $86 million overseas box office, not only the top overseas box office Zhou Guanjun, unprecedented dazzling effects up the audience acclaim, marvel studios to gain another victory, and create a national popular new super hero. "Strange doctor" painting in the currently open 33 overseas countries and regions, the overseas box office last weekend was a staggering $86 million, far exceeding the marvel before three successful works: "ant", "the Milky Way guard" and "Captain America 2", it is The students surpass the teacher. master. In South Korea, Britain, France, Germany, Hongkong, Taiwan and other important influence, "Dr." has singular bursting at the box office — made $18 million 100 thousand in the first week at the box office in Korea "Doctor Strange", marvel original works in Han Shouying refresh box office records, it is beyond the "Silver River", "Superman: guard the man of steel", "Batman wars Superman: Dawn of justice", "team" with the film Dutch act in South Korea’s monolithic box office total! In Britain, France, Australia, Germany and other countries and regions, "Dr. strange" the first week at the box office of "ant", greatly exceeded the Milky Way "guard" of the two box office reputation as well as Marvel works; and "strange doctor" but also the achievements of the marvel original works in Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, the best open the picture record…… Hot box office ushered in the opener! It is worth mentioning that the "strange" Dr. brain hole wide open, dazzling visual effects, in the IMAX 3D viewing effect is particularly prominent, the film also IMAX at the box office record, the first week of a total of $7 million 800 thousand, far exceeding the "gravity" of the 3 million 200 thousand October opening film overseas refresh IMAX box office records! In addition to dazzling visual effects, more than 60 minutes of IMAX 3D full frame scene also makes the audience hooked, the audience was praised "the essence of Inception" mashup "matrix", IMAX 3D watched screenings of fans think is worth the price. In addition to the bursting of the first week at the box office, "Doctor Strange" also received professional critics and ordinary viewers praise. The rotten tomatoes critic network contains a total of 87 professional reviews, acclaim, freshness of up to 92% (as of October 29th)! This has been unprecedented special spectacle film highlights, and this has been the consensus of all the critics, "very shocked", "Hi.", "light effects have been worth the price" and praised the general audience have also emerge in an endless stream, cheering "imagination is really a breakthrough," the sky ".相关的主题文章: