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Exclusive: F 20 with domestic engine at the six generation fighter response (Figure) – Sohu military channel data figure: U.S. six generation fighter renderings. The 20 fighters before they show if it is domestic engine had a doubt. The Zhuhai air show 20 fighters first show let the scene boiling. Before the opening ceremony of 180 degrees F minimum turning radius of video we have impressive, the opening day of the 20 fighters and show a near 90 degree angle of the vertical climb. The 20 fighters can make these difficult movements that 20 fighters have been equipped with vector engine and solves the problem of motivation. According to Jun watching TV yesterday that, on the flight after the show CCTV connection of the rear admiral Yin Zhuo, got a good news. Yin Zhuocheng -15 turbofan being developed, such as turbofan -15 service, will significantly enhance the performance of fighter -20 fighter. He also said the 20 have been delivered to the air force for several months. So what is the level of the -15 turbofan engine? WS-15 for double heavy stealth fighter -20, and R79 engine development based on the Zhuhai airshow 20 day fighter performance, Mengliao Jun believes F – 20 engine thrust is higher than F-22 is equipped with F119 engine, but compared with the F-35 equipment F135 the engine is still a gap between the. However, the emergence of shipped 20, indicating that the difference between China and the United States fighter aircraft is gradually narrowing. Have China as a rival American these two days have not been idle. In the F – 20 flight on the same day, the United States show the six generation fighter (American Standard) effect, which can mean a little tit for tat. You think the United States shows that the United States fear Mengliao Chinese fighter development too fast to U.S. warplanes on behalf of the poor to no advantage at this time show six generation machine in fact. Although the United States has shown the effect of the six generation fighter aircraft, but the U.S. military workers said the next generation of U.S. fighter aircraft or in the next 30 years to serve. The 20 service from the project to only about 10 years, with the development of weapons and equipment China traditional equipment generation, the development of generation, the generation of pre research "standards, the three generation machine has a lot of equipment, the four generation machine has been in service, the next generation fighter may soon see the.相关的主题文章: