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Reversal of the incident: the fall of Baoding, the boy’s family beating 120 drivers, said the delay in the rescue of the time – Sohu Health recently, Baoding falls boy affects everyone’s heart. Unfortunately, the boy was found dead by rescuers. After up to 107 hours of rescue, the family members of the rescue workers to express gratitude, the boy’s grandfather left the rescue vehicle on the knees, wet the eyes of everyone. Figure kneeling is the boy’s grandpa this morning, something big reversal. According to informed friends broke the news, the boy’s family beating 120 ambulance drivers, that the driver delayed the rescue time. Screenshot from friends broke the news today, according to the Beijing News (reporter Ceng Jinqiu Wang Yu) "Baoding falling boy was declared dead after the hospital reported:" Xu 11 last night, Lixian County county government issued "on the rescue of Lixian County Bao Xu Xiang Meng Village wells in the children’s work briefing" on the situation, saying it has no signs of life. The child’s father said that the child was still breathing on the ambulance, ECG showed signs of life. But this statement has not been confirmed by medical staff. 11:30 last night, the child’s relatives came to the hospital in Lixian County, I hope the doctor continue to rescue. The doctor to do CPR, unfortunately, small Cong did not wake up. Today 1:50 Xu, reporters from relatives and confirmed at the scene of the doctor, Zhao Zicong has died. For the family members whether or not to beat the 120 drivers, clove headlines contacted a number of doctors in Lixian County hospital, confirmed that the case is true. "After the doctor announced the death of a child, the father of the ambulance took the bodies of the crematorium to dissent, said children still breathing, to pull to the hospital, the child’s father with his family as can be imagined, make the hospital, had beaten 120 drivers! The driver delayed time to save the child abuse, family members also shouted in front of the hospital, said the ambulance at the scene is showing. "A medical staff described the situation of our. "At present, the boy’s body has been taken away from the hospital," added a health care worker. The progress of the matter, clove headlines will continue to focus on. Editor: Zheng Mengjie welfare: reply message box binding, you can get 5 jingle.相关的主题文章: