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England World Cup debut single released ahead of Kaine Rooney in the arrow – Sohu sports   England announced in advance of World Cup starting September 3rd Beijing time, England coach Allardyce announced in advance of England’s World Cup qualifier against Slovakia starting, which has just left the city with Hart will play, Rooney, Stryn and Kaine at the same time, the position of lalana will strive to win the opener. England in the European Cup play bad, after losing to Iceland, they were eliminated, then Hodgson announced his resignation, but Allardyce eventually took office, became the three lions at the helm of the new, his arrival will be the first to play in the 2018 World Cup qualifier in russia. From the big Sam announced to join Turin’s starting lineup, Hart will start the game, this is Allardyce Hart on the back. Four of the defensive line were Walker, Cahill, stones and Ross, the midfield, DELL and partner midfielder Henderson Rooney, La Lana, and Stryn respectively appear in the attacking midfield position, the front is Harry Kaine. Therefore, although Kaine in the European Cup play bad, play in the season in general, but he still got behind Allardyce. British media pointed out that, compared to the European Cup against Iceland’s starting point, only three changes in England, Smolin, Sturidge and Ali substitutes, and the first episode of the players in the world, and the first batch of the players in the world, such as the beginning of the game, and the start of the game, and the start of the game for the first time in the field of the and the United states. In an interview, Lallana said, we want to win the game on Sunday, we will put pressure on ourselves, and strive to win. As we all know, our squad is made up of a lot of very good young people and we have a good form of training this week." Deere adds, "compared to the European Cup, it will be a completely different game, we are a different team, because this is a different coach team." Attached list: England starting goalkeeper: Hart defender Cahill, Stones, Walker, Ross, DELL, Henderson lalana: midfielder, Rooney, the Stryn striker Kaine (to the wind)相关的主题文章: