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Easy to charge back ecological encounters Rights: return ticket refund deadline in shrink change – easy to "ecological science and technology Sohu charge back rights suffered public information, easy to start the" ecological charge back "from July 1st onwards, the user in addition to recharge now returned to a certain amount, it will give the music as a super TV members, LETV super sports members easy to" the construction of the whole car sharing ecological core means "now encountered" historical issues". Public information, easy to start the "ecological charge back" from July 1st onwards, the user in addition to recharge now returned to a certain amount, will be donated to the music as a super film member, LETV super sports members, as the music store cash voucher for different product portfolio. However, this kind of the efforts for users quite strong promotions, but many users reflect the presence of fanquan not to delay, inconsistent, and describe the use of poor fanquan fanquan, users want to refund recharge is long not to issue "is not in place. Law Weekend reporter in the name of easy to recharge rights in the QQ group noted that as of October 22nd, the number of people who have joined the group due to the above problems have been more than 60 people. Fanquan has received fast expired Zhou Yang (a pseudonym) is the old users, easy to mid August, he plans to buy a TV, happened to be easy to use when see the launch of the charge back activities can give high cash vouchers, feel very good. Reporter weekend rule in Zhou Yang’s "easy to charge back 150% spree screenshots to see, users recharge more than 1500 yuan, in addition to music as a super user easy to film and television, music as a super sports membership membership, will be based on the amount of recharge of the grade, given as the music store cash voucher 600 to 2400 yuan, for before September 30th in the music store to buy mobile phone tv. "In August 15th, I give easy to account recharge 2000 yuan, then easy to suggest that I received the music as a super film membership and sports membership has been opened; 900 yuan cash coupon to buy music as mall success in 7 days will be bound to my LETV account, cash voucher exchange is valid until September 30th." Zhou Yang told reporters, in August 22nd, he found the music as the account did not receive 900 yuan cash coupon. Easy to call Zhou Yang, customer service said fanquan will be issued within 7 working days to the charge back easily after the end of the activities in the. "The end of time when I write the rules of prepaid recharge activities is August 23rd, so I had to wait 7 days until September 1st, but I have not received this view when fanquan, easy to service explained that the recharge activities has delayed until the end of August 31st." Zhou Yang although helpless but still choose to abide by the rules, continue to wait. 7 days later, Zhou Yang did not receive a coupon, a few days after another call, receive a reply is "due to the excessive number of recharge in succession replacement". Finally, Zhou Yang after repeatedly bombarded, at a distance of fanquan expired 5 days before receiving fanquan. "I was lucky to receive, fanquan has not expired, the rights of a group of friends to recharge for almost two months have not received, even if.相关的主题文章: