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Earn 100 million yuan do not live up to the youth education people.com.cn original title: earn 100 million yuan do not live up to the youth not everyone can earn 100 million yuan, but everyone has the right to dream, is a dream and work conscientiously. "It’s better to be the best in the world, but it’s best to set a small goal that can be achieved, for example, if I make 1 hundred million first." In 2016 the Chinese richest man Wang Jianlin domineering quotations recently on the network spread like wildfire, the $28 billion 700 million of assets ranked "Forbes" ranked eighteenth in the world’s richest man, when to determine the small target, such as 100 million yuan. The majority of users have said that the richest man’s small target shock. (the "Beijing morning news" August 30th) "first make 1 hundred million" in the WeChat circle of friends scraper, also attracted the "sarcastic" waves ". In fact, if you look at the words before and after the video, Wang Jianlin will feel not hypocritical, not deliberately joking, said this is the background of many young people to say: "I want to be the richest man!" Wang Jianlin asked them to set a small goal, but it seemed reliable. In the first half of this year, Wanda business income 37 billion 635 million yuan, net profit of $2 billion 711 million, which means that Wang Jianlin would like to earn 100 million is not difficult. The wealthy and normal earning large quantities of gold each day. Wang Jianlin’s "goal" and Ma Yun’s "biggest mistake", side by side. Ma had lamented: my biggest mistake in life is the creation of the Alibaba, I never thought that Alibaba will completely change my life, I just want to do a little business." It also attracted public ridicule. However, this is not the play, they are mixed to that position, vision different from others, encountered psychological waves is also different from ordinary people, where there are Qizhi? Mr. Lu Xun said, no open exchange sheben poor chagrin, kerosene king which will know suanxin was picking up north cinder Biddy disaster, hungry, do not go about total orchid, like a rich old man. The logic of the metaphor can be used to explain the differences in the understanding of different assets. Not everyone can earn 100 million yuan, but everyone has the right to dream, but also for the dream of conscious efforts. Compared with the Wang Jianlin era of young people who build up the family fortunes, he did rise is not easy. However, the hero, let Wang Jianlin fortune real estate made rich age eventually lopsided, but nowadays there is still new to create rich platform. For example, some people think that now is the era of equity ownership. Those involved in the entrepreneurial tide of young people, there will be someone to become rich. Young people have a broader vision, but also face more surging business opportunities. The Internet, new energy and environmental protection, financial services and other industries have become a new outlet to create wealth, and real estate, metal smelting, coal, steel and other highly dependent on investment driven industry R & F decreasing. For the beginning of the rivers and lakes of the vast majority of young people, they do not have power, but also no background, but the new industry for their talent to provide opportunities. There is a dream, a plan, there is unremitting efforts, always stronger than fantasy and no action. These two days there is an intriguing piece of spam:)相关的主题文章: