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During the month, with careful play mobile phone can not describe the complex relationship between your eyes and the mother and maternal treasure tenosynovitis – Sohu, mobile phone radiation, eyes, tenosynovitis, today October bacteria Pa Pa this material, and provide for treasure dad Baoma’s mother-in-law playing mobile phone. The relationship between mobile phone radiation and play (she said) a month to sit still all day playing mobile phone, radiation! (October October: the rumor said bacteria) bacteria can not be completely ruled out the impact on the health of mobile phone, but normal mobile phone radiation will not affect health. As long as the use of regular production of mobile phone manufacturers do not have too much problem. Now radiation is not afraid, but the goose! You also want to play mobile phone. The relationship between mobile phone and mobile phone play play eyes prone on dry eye Baoma while using a mobile phone, will always open your eyes, every minute blink is reduced, and after turning off the mobile phone screen is more dazzling light, led to the surface of the eye tear film can not be evenly distributed, strong evaporation will make the surface of the eye is unable to lock the moisture and fall off even the corneal surface has the barrier function of the epithelium. This situation exists for a long time, it will lead to "dry eye" effect, visual function. Mobile phone Po mom myopia degree of concern for a long time staring at the phone screen is easy to make mom eye fatigue, increase the degree of myopia. Play phone induced conjunctivitis lying for a long time to see the phone, can easily lead to mild conjunctival hyperemia of the conjunctiva, and even induce chronic conjunctival tissue lesions. October to the magic of the mother to play mobile phone tips: 1 to shorten the use of time, every use of 1 hours to rest for 10 minutes. 2 develop a good habit of protecting the eyes, eyes and the screen to maintain the distance of 50 cm or more. 3 the use of mobile phones when the environment should be soft, do not use under strong light, otherwise easy to cause eye fatigue. 4 add lutein to improve eye protection. The relationship between iPhone7 and mobile phone play tenosynovitis out, millet Note2 out… In… Treasure mother eager eyes, treasure dad Alexander said, with a large screen mobile phone to see bacteria in October to protect graphic, duly completed! Large screen mobile phone popular natural give users a lot of convenience, but also resulted in an increase in patients with tenosynovitis. Especially some of his mother’s hand is petite, long holding the wrong size and weight of the big screen, plus love lying playing mobile phone, will increase the burden to the hands, slowly causing tenosynovitis. (October bacteria say) usually suffer from patients with tenosynovitis mostly women, usually at the age of fifty or sixty in older women and pregnant women, and the recurrence rate is very high. Mobile phone control treasure mom pay attention to! Long time playing mobile phone, your wrist is not a pea sized bulging bag, press ache, hand also not in the mood? Sometimes feel powerless hands, fingers numb, unable to hold things, when the thumb tendon pain? So, probably suffering from tenosynovitis. In October by science: what is tenosynovitis refers to a kind of inflammatory tissue surrounding tendons or tendon. A tendon is a muscle tissue that connects the muscles and bones, which transmit pressure to the muscles. Graphic tendon!相关的主题文章: