Dry north wind blowing low temperatures in Wuhan, the lowest temperature or below 20 degrees C (vide-ca4111

The north wind drying low temperature in Wuhan next lowest temperature or below 20 DEG C for two days, with the weak cold air southward against Han Wuhan City, the temperature drops in the north, the next Wuhan minimum temperature is expected at 20 DEG C, and cool is thick, please timely Tim clothes. Yesterday (19 days), Wuhan 3-4 north wind blowing, while the sun is still bright, but the temperature in the north of the lower, the highest temperature less than 30 DEG C in the afternoon. In fact, the weak cold air south of Hubei Province, yesterday (19 days) have opened a cool trip, the temperature drop in western area is large, generally at 5 degrees, the highest temperature dropped more than 26 DEG -28 DEG, the eastern region is the highest temperature at 29 DEG -31 deg. Tomorrow, including Wuhan Province, the temperature will continue to decline slightly, Wuhan city not only the highest temperature is 28 DEG -29 DEG, the minimum temperature will be reduced to below 20 DEG C, is expected to only 18 -19 DEG C, sooner or later, coolness is thick, please timely Tim clothing, to guard against the cold. Although the dry north wind blowing low temperatures in Wuhan, but it is not able to bring precipitation to Wuhan, Wuhan, the recent continuous cloudy weather, low air humidity, please pay attention to the replenishment of dry. Wuhan is expected to cloudy day today, temperature of 19 DEG -28 DEG -29 DEG C, the center city district 20, humidity 55%-90%, northerly winds 3 to 4; tonight to tomorrow is cloudy, the temperature of 18 DEG -28 DEG, northerly winds 2 to 3. (reporter Fu Ying) video related to fall to eat what vegetables相关的主题文章: