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Don’t let the children back to the top of strong sometimes in the traditional education Chinese type, the children will also violate the elders or being reprimanded, it will be regarded as disobedient or unfilial. Indeed, from the parents’ point of view, everything is good for children, but they did not appreciate, and in turn they quarrel, this behavior is annoying. But Xiaobian remind, if we from another point of view, lippy is not necessarily no good. 1, why not give back most of the parents have a higher status in family child’s subconscious, often holding the idea of "I had you to support you, for you to do so many things, you have to listen to what i." Parents think of the children, they have absolute authority, so when the child back, you will feel the authority of the offense may have to beat a child, if things go on like this forever, the parent-child relationship is much more. 2 reasons, lippy children love back to it for a reason, perhaps because he felt unfair, children will think: "why do the other children can not me?" There may be a child that their ideas and practices is correct, so in order to adhere to their own ideas and practices and back to their parents. There are many reasons to talk back, but no matter what kind of children have their own reasons, parents must not be ignored 37 twenty-one children deprived of the right to express their opinions, let him live in the parents "authority". Parents should be more tolerant and understanding of their children, with love to communicate with their children, parents and children can not solve the problem. 3, the child back to the benefit of not only that will listen to parents of the children can grow up healthily, contrary to revolt children have their own ideas, understand under pressure to have the courage to express their inner thoughts. The children in the future into the community, to resolve the hearts of boredom and alleviate their psychological pressure, is not easy to go astray or extreme. Therefore, parents may wish to listen to the children how to say, not a child back will make the child move. Educating children is a big thing, but also a learning. The process of child education cannot all be happy, in the face of the child "talk back", parents must rationally look back, is not entirely a bad thing, than those who will listen to mom and dad for children, will be back to talk back to children more independence and autonomy, to the future society can based on the stable. Today’s topic: will you let the old man take the children? Put your views to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, have the opportunity to get a good gift!相关的主题文章: