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Dongyu Zhou: I feel afraid to stand head and shoulders above others (information) Dongyu Zhou Dongyu Zhou is afraid of life. More than seven hundred people in the place, her body shaking up. Just enter the line, she even a simple interview is difficult to deal with, looking at the camera, leaving only the mouth open and close, the sound of shaking, shaking the body. It’s better now, at least in the interview when she looked at each other’s eyes, "forget when to start, but if you do not do so, you will feel that you do not respect him." Compared with the same age actress, Dongyu Zhou reserved many, it seems from childhood character: she sat in the corner of the class teacher forever, never say "I raised the teacher". This self contact continues today, where others could not see her. "I’m doing the most comfortable, because I am afraid to stand head and shoulders above others feeling." This kind of publicity is almost no confidence in the package. When art happened to be famous for the quiet autumn phase, "the Hawthorn Tree" in a corner of the night, then praise and censure come in a throng. That year, she almost half the time in various awards ceremony to get the Best Newcomer Award, but also that year, almost every day someone scolded her. With her age and experience, both are not easy to bear. The award did not let her smug, condemning let her thinking too much. According to the appearance of scold coincide with her heart years of struggling, "if my eyes go a bit like, if I had eyes bigger." Even if it’s "your eyes are good," she says, "well, if you like". "Under the Hawthorn Tree" still must say a confident moment, it is only acting. Shot over, I thought, this is what I like to do, and began to play others, forget themselves, but also forget not confident. Play so many movies, she only tried two plays, the first game is "under the Hawthorn Tree", second is "wild with joy". A let her shape, then embarked on "tailored play lady role" route; second let her transformation, from "have forceful or diaoman role came to the door". Today, she began to make TV drama, in the "sparrow", she played a female agent. At the age of 25, she seemed to be able to open up a bit, and was willing to dig up the possibility that she might not even know herself. Waiting for her mother to play a very important role in Dongyu Zhou’s growth. Dongyu Zhou early to understand, every parent is looking for female into Phoenix, her mother is no exception. "Even if not chicken, you also cannot become the space right?" Mother put most of the savings out of the home to her newspaper cram classes and special classes, every day pinch table time, "what time do you school, why come back a few minutes later today? Not allowed to enter the house." Such a life so that the pressure on Dongyu Zhou is quite large, she even joked, do not want to live every day, especially the college entrance examination that day." Mother because of a school better let Dongyu Zhou transfer, so that her students spent in the constant transfer stage, primary school to 3 middle school, and turned 3 times, she became afraid of strangers. When the mother wants her doctor, she even under the pillow pad with all books. The third grade, gymnastics class candidates, she was tall, picked up, with the family clamoring to go to. A month later I regret: the first month teacher"相关的主题文章: