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Do you know? Divorced women who can not afford to hurt the most concerned about the public number, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Piaoyu Tong married intendto holds hand of the child. On the way, had to give up, have to divorce should be carefully chosen as a warning for the future after. Life goes on, happiness is always in the distance. However, we all know very well: Men remarry, is easier than women. Divorced women vulnerable, in reality there are too many unexpected constraints. Until the end, but it was too late to regret a previous mistake. Love is not a divorce landing into the siege, and not understand the terrible siege "". Marriage is not a tomb, but an unhappy marriage is a chronic suicide. Decided to divorce, entry into the new world. Suddenly find that even the primary level of love is not easy to find. Find a car with a housing allowance, but also can not live in boyfriend? Not to marry for the purpose of love everywhere, the premise is that can be tied up. Marry a married woman, the more concerns. Although the two ex husband show affection, goodbye is also a friend. Although, I hope you live better than me. After the divorce, he is good and you still have what relation? You are not happy, also has nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, her ex husband’s happiness can not wait for the world to know. Also bring the current to you, let you give advice. Nothing more than showing off – he left you, is tantamount to rebirth. Thank you for your divorce, or he can’t find true love. Three before the economic crisis, a family of two people together. Water and gas, property management and so on, do not have to pay alone. After the divorce, her ex husband will expect the kindness to lend a helping hand? Money is not everything, but no money. See the bank card, the number of poor Palestinian, really want to cry without tears. Looking for relatives to borrow? You are so old. To find a friend to borrow? Can not borrow, but also lost friendship. Four the body is not comfortable modern city people, are busy endless. To put it bluntly, I die and not much disease. Sick as a mountain down, the body uncomfortable it is absolutely a terrible blow. And then the indifference of the couple, in the case of the disease will ask the situation, buy medicine or something. Divorced, you can only lie on the bed alone. Even a cup of boiling water, have to barely climb up, groping forward. The fickleness of the world of life’s failures, Men’s feelings are changeable.. Divorced woman can not afford to hurt, but she will not be happy divorce? The world ande endowment method…… (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: