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Do Follower do Leader, straight people copy rule – Sohu "vehicle and real estate, is the two industry advertising the most headache." The person who say this is Taiwan, snow Peng advertising creative director Lin Zhihao. But his main customers are almost occupied the entire Taiwan auto market NISSAN (Nissan) and LUXGEN (Na Zhi), as well as providing real estate consulting leading enterprises "Taiwan housing". The chase hot marketing, busy chasing hot events stay up marketing people should also change a way of thinking, listen to the Taiwan 4A advertising company creative director what straight people copy rule, from the customer’s point of view, thinking of the value of the product itself and the pattern, not Follower (followers), but Leader (leader). When the idea into the impasse, try to change the minds of a few years ago, LIVANA (Li Wei) has such a car. Whether it is audience research or team discussion, LIVANA compared with the car on the market at that time, get the following conclusions on the left side of the picture, the idea seems to enter the impasse. Change a thought, get the right answer. Copy it: "space +SUV car fuel-efficient +MPV free = have a LIVNA is equal to three cars at the same time have the highest price = happy" from "do not cost-effective" to "the highest happiness, good price" copy, at the moment of conversion of thinking. To find the public sentiment, is my insight in 2015, NISSAN new out of the family car. Features are the characteristics of the family car. Here comes the question. Where is the way out when the rational demands are troubled? It was in that year, Lan Ching Lung won the Golden Horse Award winner. The wife in the emotional confession on the podium, and asked her to filial mother, wife provoked tears in taiwan. NISSAN advertising protagonist, direct selection of Lan Ching Lung. The main text ads will directly use the popular speech: "grow up, you ignore my father never mind, but must be filial to your mother". The cost of a family car, a lot of time is the wife said. When the car became the image of the family, his wife would like to pay for a warm car? Music is not willing to talk to a friend for her husband to add the car? People are talking about something, and what about three years ago, people in Taiwan can see at least a dozen housing intermediary brand everywhere in the street, but in the local people, but only a few can be called out, for example, Yongqing houses, Lutheran housing. At that time, the Taiwan housing is not in its list. How many brands in the tight encirclement and homogenization of fame? When customers have turned the whole industry QiXinDongNian, then senior advertising people received the Case, the heart will shake three shake. Housing intermediary can only be a function or a service? When other people say this, advertisers want to do is to help customers think highly of the brand pattern. Then there is the first advertisement: "Taiwan house" — "I lanterns in the mountains.相关的主题文章: