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UnCategorized There’s one thing the big money makers online have in .mon: They have produced and sell their own products. Even if they are making huge amounts of money from Adsense, they are touting their own products about how to make money from Adsense. There’s nothing wrong with this. The key, however, is finding your own unique product to market. Maybe you’re making six figures a month online from Adsense. Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’ve decided that there is no way that you can .pete with the existing "make money from Adsense" products but are at a loss about what you can create that is truly your own. We are as unique as our fingerprints. We have hobbies, special interests or passions. We’ve all made mistakes at some point in our past that, in the long run, have taught us something important that might benefit others. We all .e to the table with personal experiences. Together, all of this creates a unique perspective and talent. Realizing what our individual talents and skills are can be difficult…but it’s important to figure it out because these talents and skills are what I call "The Goldmine Within." Since we are our own worst critics and are often clueless about what we have to offer, a way to find out what we are good at is to ask friends or acquaintances their opinions. The answers might be surprising. Of course, you might be embarrassed to ask people why you’re wonderful, so the next best thing is to take some free personality profiles online. The ones that are created by PhD’s and other experts are fantastic and reveal a great deal about you. They are roadmaps to the goldmine within. Once you know your interests and talents, it’s time to develop your own products to sell online or, if you choose, by direct mail. It is unnecessary to hire a programmer in order to create cutting edge software programs or struggle over writing "get rich over the Internet" ebooks. Instead, you can create informational products that people are looking for in real life and, better yet, about things that you actually know something about and don’t have to BS your way through. Market research is not too difficult on the Internet. Find out what people are searching for. Find out what’s hot on eBay. Discover the popular magazines. Then, tailor your informational product to the topics that people are searching for on the Net. For example, you might be really good at writing business letters. There’s quite a demand for business letter samples, but the .petition is intense and most people are looking for free business letter samples. On the other hand, there is a healthy demand for "accounts receivable business letters" with zero .petition as of this writing. You can create an information product specifically concerning writing accounts receivable business letters and possibly see some healthy in.e from your efforts. Creating information products takes effort in the beginning, but once your sales page is up and the product is available for online purchase, you really do not have to work ten or more hours a day to make money from that product. Sure, you’ll need to market and possibly draft updates from time to time, but in the greater scheme of things, you’ve created residual in.e in a relatively short period of time. You can create an affiliate program so that you have team of sales representatives. .pare your product creation project with writing page after page after page of website content so that you can get a few Adsense dollars a month per website. Not only is it work intensive, but rewriting PLR articles day after day about acne or Mesothelioma can get trying after awhile. If you were to keep timesheets for a year and then determine how much you have made per hour from your own products vs. your Adsense pages, chances are that you will find that your own products are far more profitable. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing Adsense in.e and certainly nothing wrong with promoting affiliate products. Both are great and make money. But take a chance on yourself and discover the goldmine within. Tap into that goldmine and create a few informational products. You might be pleasantly surprised with the process and results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: