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UnCategorized When a client .es to me and I have examined their product or service, I look at building a website with them using small business website builder. If they’ve got a website, we might just take over their existing website and say, hey give us the FTP details, give us your cPanel, we’ll jump in there and make the changes. Otherwise, if they don’t have a website and they’re .ing to us fresh, we’ll suggest a WordPress install. Then we’ll look at installing Google Analytics very early on. Install Google Analytics just to make sure that we’ve got a good baseline. We want to install Google Analytics from day one so that we make sure we monitor the stats for the website, so that way we can see what it is that we’re trying to improve. As an internet entrepreneur, you can’t improve what it is that you don’t measure. We also have a look at Webmaster Tools as well. Webmaster Tools is something that I think a lot of SEO .panies and internet marketers don’t use enough of. You really do get some valuable information in there as to what pages are indexed, what pages are getting links and those types of things. After that, then I’ll look at the on page optimization for the client. We’ve already done our keyword research so we’ll pick out which pages we’re going to optimize for what keyword using web video marketing. Then I’ll also look at, this is everything that is happening on the website. We look at the conversion. It is important to try and improve the conversion and make sure the client picks the phone up and calls you and making sure that every page has one primary focus and objective. Usually I’ll put an enquiry form throughout the website as well. On every page, obviously, I want either someone to submit an enquiry or I want them to pick up the phone and call the business. After that, we list them on Google Places and that’s making sure they get put into the Maps. Then we do Google AdWords and then we also do some quick cash type work. When a client first .es on board, one of the things you want to do to make sure you retain that client, is get them as quick results as possible. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks after working with small business website builder, sometimes it can take longer. When a client .es to me usually for .anic search, I will educate them and say, it’s going to take between two to three months before we see this. This is something that we’re starting to build in now, the idea that we need to get the client a quick turnaround, as quickly as possible. One of the quickest ways you can do that is through AdWords. Some other ideas are, if the client already has a data base, what are some of the things you can do by putting together an offering to try using a small business website builder and make sure that you just get some quick cash. The quicker that I can get a client to see the results, they’re going to stick with us longer term. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: