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In 2017, the Las Vegas summer league tournament entered the 8 battles. In a focus war, the Dallas Mavericks met the Celts of Boston. Kick the audience, the Mavericks 91-74 win over the Celtics, 4 in advance, and continue to maintain the summer of victory. Game, players play, China Ding Yan Yu Hang, he played 20 minutes, 5 throw in 3, had 11 points and 3 rebounds and 1 steals. During the match, he completed an excellent vacant match with Denis Smith, a young newcomer. When the last two penalty shots were launched, the MVP of the audience shouted. In addition to Dallas here, Ding, Ferrell scored 20 points, 18 points Masino bruce. The green army side, the first 1 people to score on the double, substitutes Allen cut 12 points. The specific live score: 15-20, 17-26, 24-30, 18-15 (Celtic are in front). In this game, because the two big third Jielun – Brown and Jason – Tatum will not play, Lvshan army offensive firepower was seriously affected. In the first half of the first half of the first festival, they could barely keep a stalemate with the calf. But in the back of the festival, Ferrell was three points into the net to help the calf to establish its advantage. Since then, Ding Yan Yu on the field, and quickly hit three points, single section, Mavericks 20-15 lead. In the second section, the calf set off the attack of the tide. In the middle section of this section, Ding Yanyu air holding single, a natural and unrestrained back to the back jump into the net. After that, the calf defender Ferrell took over the attack, under his lead, the half court ball, the Mavericks have established a 10 point lead. Easy side battles, Dallas kuanggong did not stop. Three fights to 4 minutes and 45 seconds. Ding Yanyu and Denis Smith played an excellent air link, and little Ding went to the basket. As the ball entered, the audience cheered on the scene. At the end of the three section, Xiao Ding makes a foul on the free throw line. As a result of the ball, there were so many Chinese fans that came to the scene to watch the game, and the MVP shouted at the free throw of Xiao Ding. Also by the small Ding’s free throw, the three quarter finished, the Mavericks 76-56 points live lead. The original appearance of paratelum, share Ding Yan Yu Hang has been exhausted, but the audience is constantly shouting, hope Ding out again. Finally, the calf coaching team conforms to the audience’s demands. Once again, every touch of Xiao Ding will bring the cheers of the audience. However, in such a warm atmosphere, Xiaoding’s efficiency is not as good as the first three quarters. After a jump jump shot, a three point shot didn’t hit the ball and only scored 2 points through a free throw. The final stage, the game into garbage time, eventually, kick the audience, the Mavericks 91-74 win over the Celtics, 4 in advance, and continue to maintain the summer of victory.





全场具体比分直播 :15-20、17-26、24-30、18-15(凯尔特人在前)。



易边再战,小牛的狂攻没有停止。三节战至4分45秒。丁彦雨航与丹尼斯-史密斯打出精妙的空中连线,小丁空接上篮得分。这球一进,引发了现场观众高分贝的欢呼。三节末段,小丁强攻造犯规走上罚球线。由于本场球,来到现场观看比赛的华人球迷非常多,在小丁罚球时,全场响起了铺天盖地的MVP呼喊声。也是靠着小丁的罚球,三节打完,小牛76-56大比分直播 领先。