Deputy director of retirement was reported a few years ago, public funds to travel now absolutely da-rainism

Deputy director of the report before retirement was a few years ago: now definitely not – public funds tourism Beijing, deputy director of the Department of the Fujian provincial authorities Jiang Hongfeng (a pseudonym) of the occupation planning, then get down to work for two or three years, you can enjoy the honorable retirement, the happiness of a family union. However let Jon unexpected, a letter sent to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Report letter, broke his "vision is not an accident, before retiring. "In his work for 30 years, but also for many years in leadership positions, feel the policy level, awareness of the law is still relatively strong, did not think over the matter touched reef, is really very sorry!" Break the silence JuBaoXin one summer a few years ago, Tibetan Plateau ushered in a wave led delegations of special guests – when he was a director of the municipal authorities of ginger hongfeng. The delegation’s trip "to" on legal aid in Dagze County of Tibet autonomous region lawyer Wu condolences. A team of 9 people, including the municipal authorities cadres, including lawyers association member. On the 9 day of the trip, the vast blue waves of Qinghai Lake, the majestic Potala Palace and flowing water of the Brahmaputra, magnificent lush lulanglinhai scenic spots and so on, are left to see the footprint of delegations. And never Dagze County until it came to the guests. After the end of the trip, Jiang Hongfeng and others in the unit and subordinate units of public funds to reimburse 4.9 yuan. If you do not have a letter of complaint, perhaps this trip is rich in content, sympathy will become a common secret of their common guardian. In early 2015, the Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from the masses, reflecting Jiang Hongfeng took people to Tibet for public funds to travel. According to the receipt of the report material, in accordance with the discipline inspection and supervision organs of five types of clues disposal methods and standards, we believe that the problems reflected in the general, identified only to give light punishment or criticism of education. It was decided to carry out conversation letter consultation on Jiang Hongfeng." Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, discipline inspection and supervision of a person in charge said. The reporter learned that, as early as October 2013, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will be with the provincial organization department issued the "on the establishment of provincial cadres honest conversation reminded the mechanism of opinions", to visit, inspection, audit, handling and other links found in the first signs of problems, are included in the scope of the talk for the reminder, timely criticism education. Since last September, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision and discipline to use "four form" and five clues disposal methods combining the relevant principles and standards to further clarify the inquiry of the conversation. Accordingly, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection sent a letter to the "notice" Jiang Hongfeng, reply to the letter reflects a requirement of public funds tourism. After receipt of the notice, Jiang Hongfeng on the situation described, but also promptly returned to the relevant costs. However, from the external understanding of the situation, there are still differences in individual links, some of the key plot did not explain clearly, so decided to formally talk to Jiang Hongfeng." One room responsible person said. Touch the soul of the cop sweating sincerely thank for my organization to remind and care, thank you! Thank you Really thank you!" After the conversation, Jiang Hongfeng’s profuse sweating Jinjinzuanzhu) a provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection相关的主题文章: