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Babies-Toddler You may already understand the process of how to potty train your little girl, but do you know which garments are most effective to use during the process of potty training a girl? There are three main options from which to choose. There are the pull-up type disposable training pants, cloth training pants or cotton underwear. Each choice has distinct features to consider, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of all three so that you can choose the right one for your daughter. Initially, many parents may go for the pull-up type training pants because they tend to reduce messes from accidents and can be helpful in the transition from diapers to underwear. Much like regular underwear, this type of training pant is pulled up and down in order for her to use the potty chair. They protect surfaces should any accidents occur and are disposable. Until she can stay dry throughout the entire night, they can also provide an alternative to diapers in the early stages when you start to potty train your child. Before you embark on potty training a girl, a great way to help your daughter get excited about potty training is to introduce her to big girl underwear. Parents need to talk with their children about how wonderful it is to get to wear fun and .fy underwear instead of icky dirty diapers. Buy your daughter a package of cotton underwear with her favorite cartoon character or logo printed on them or let her pick out the kind she prefers. Talk about how she should try to keep the characters from getting wet or dirty. Your daughter will still experience the un.fortable feeling associated with elimination and will generally want to avoid that feeling in the future, when she starts to wear regular underwear. The great thing about regular underwear is that they are fairly inexpensive and reusable. They are also much easier for your daughter to pull up and down. However, a drawback with underwear is that in many cases, if your daughter has an accident, she will more than likely require an entire change of clothing; which creates a lot of extra laundry and may cause surfaces in your home to be.e stained. More expensive than traditional underwear, cloth training pants are much less expensive than the pull-up disposable training pants. They are washable and reusable, so a soak in the washing machine will clean up any accidents that might happen. Additionally, they are thick enough to protect surfaces from leaks, but are thin enough that your child will still feel the un.fortable sensation of wetting or soiling. When it is time to begin potty train your daughter, whether you choose to use cotton underwear, cloth training pants or disposable training pants, each option has positive and negative aspects to consider. Make a decision after you have weighed your options. Which one will be the most effective way to avoid excessive potty training problems? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: