County set up through the inter city railway Jiangxi 6 districts and cities to usher in gold for 5 y-霍金hawking

County area through the Jiangxi intercity railway the 6 city ushered in the golden 5 years you northeast of Jiangxi and the development in what to expect? How far is the future? "Northeast Jiangxi expand open cooperation in 13th Five-Year development plan" "Ganxi economic transformation" 13th Five-Year "development plan" recently formally introduced! In the near Northeast Jiangxi and Ganxi will turn the world upside down changes occur, take on an altogether new aspect, "planning" proposed in Northeast Jiangxi Province to build the domestic first-class, world-renowned tourist destination to Shangrao in 2020, Jingdezhen, Yingtan City three, GDP reached 488 billion yuan to form ", both with three pole corridor" open cooperation pattern. In Yichun, Xinyu, Pingxiang three city is Jiangxi’s "West Wing", to strengthen the "city effect" to promote the integration of development, planning and construction of the main scenic tourist highway in Western jiangxi.   development target in northeastern Jiangxi Province: Jingdezhen, Yingtan, the Shangrao three city – Global Strategic Positioning: important in high-end industrial docking – the Yangtze River economic belt and the "The Belt and Road" two-way open demonstration area – the central region to undertake the transfer of the base – coastal areas of green agricultural products supply base – a world famous cultural and Ecological Tourism Health – base strategic objectives: – GDP growth from 309 billion yuan to 488 billion yuan in 2015, an average annual growth rate of about 9.5%, increase the proportion of the province accounted for 0.5 percentage points, a comprehensive well-off society and the national synchronized cultural tourism destination; ecological and health base status significantly improved, among the national first-class, tourism revenue reached 370 billion – yuan; ecological environment quality Continuous improvement, the forest coverage rate increased steadily, to achieve or better than the proportion of class III water reached more than 93%, the number of days of good air quality stability of more than 85%. In the   range: Xinyu, Yichun, the Pingxiang city to become the province’s three global – opening heights plan, in the area there are four major strategies: industrial restructuring and development model area, construction of the first area, boutique area, ecological civilization construction of inland open cooperation demonstration area of the new town. By 2020, the economic strength has been enhanced, and the modern industrial system has been basically established. The breakthrough of the construction of ecological civilization, to become the vanguard of ecological civilization pilot area. The West become open Highlands, industrial docking, resource sharing, Hunan open cooperation test area to become provincial economic and social cooperation model, with the same in the completion of a comprehensive well-off society. Specifically, by 2020, three Ganxi city GDP will be 348 billion 841 million yuan in 2015 rose to 550 billion yuan. Per capita GDP will rise from 40563.3 yuan in 2015 to $64000 in 2020. The spatial layout of Northeast Jiangxi Shangrao to speed up the test area of high-speed economic development, focusing on the construction of photovoltaic, optical, automotive industry base and international tourism city, to build our province eastern important growth pole. Construction of the national helicopter industrial base, the South’s important car production.相关的主题文章: