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Arts-and-Entertainment Pre production The key to good budgeting and keeping your costs down as much as possible is good planning with lots of lead-time. If you have plenty of time leading into a project you are far more likely to get favourable rates from freelancers than asking them last minute to come and help out. And if time is on your side then you can work with the location managers or studio on when best and quietest time will be for you to hire and agreeing on some sort of off peak rate. Sometimes when we deal with really tight corporate video production budgets we will try and hire a studio over night to get a more favourable rate. At least that way the studio manager is literally making money in their sleep and we get full use of the space. Teaming up and saving costs We have found that if the corporate client has to work to a budget then the best bet is to pull together and work as a team in order to get the best result from the available funds. The Director will usually draw up a storyboard and off the back of this the producer compiles a list of locations, props and wardrobe needed to achieve the given vision. This document can then be hosted online through Google Docs and everyone involved in the project can highlight which items or locations they can source for free or a minimal fee. Crewing Depending what the budget is I wouldnt recommend cutting back on the crewing of any corporate video production as this can obviously have very real repercussions and affect the final result. There are 3 main elements to any crew, Camera, Lighting and Sound. Normally the best way to cut back on this is to get a videographer to handle all 3 but they will quickly get tired, impatient and possible stressed out. Its best that you have someone that understands all the elements like a professional Director of Photography but other people to actually operate them. The best way to do this is to hire runners that have corporate video production experience and looking to expand their knowledge. Then for youre actual runners you could find film students or graduates that need to establish contacts within the industry while getting the much needed experience to attain paid work. To be honest we are ever weary of not paying people for projects especially corporate video production as sometimes let you down and it could become hard to rely on them. Paying people really helps you to secure the end result you want. Talent More than likely you script well require some type of acting or voiceovers. If you cant afford to us a talent agency then there are some great websites like Starnow, where professional and amateur talent can search and find auditions for short films, music and corporate videos. If your not paying then we stress you should at least feed them, cover any travel and give them a master of the finished edit for their showreel (providing the client doesnt mind) Post Production When it finally comes to the postproduction we recommend you dont cut back and heres where you put the majority of the budget to good use. Sometimes an editor can either save a project or really lift one with some motion graphics or knowing how to use the best footage available. I really hope this advice helps next time you working on a corporate video production and just remember video production is problem solving at the end of the day. About the Author: Written by Mark A. Wilson the Managing Director of London based video production company Phink TV. With over 10 years experience in Digital Media and the Creative Industry working for the likes of Sky TV, The Times, and The Arcadia Group. I now feel it’s time to give back some of the valuable information and insight I have attained. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Arts-and-Entertainment – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: