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News-and-Society Let me tell you how I came to realise that conservatory blinds are probably more important than the conservatory itself. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but read on. I remember when we moved from our flat to a larger property, a semi-detached house. It felt amazing to have more room and a garden to relax in. No more looking out over the gasworks for us! Of course then came the growing vinyl record collection (they are the collectables of the future), the wifes exercise bike, and a brood of kids. All of a sudden, our roomy house started to feel cramped. Like most people we considered our options, but couldnt afford to move, plus we liked the area, so we hit on the idea of adding a conservatory to our property. Its a quick & .paratively easy way to extend your property without much hassle. Again, at first this was brilliant. It became a dining room, .e play room .e gym (when we werent hanging clothes of the fitness bike that is!) until the day came when the sun came out, and our lovely conservatory turned into a furnace, and nobody wanted to use it anymore. So we didnt get the full use out of our extra room as we had hoped, but things were OK once the summer ended that is until the winter came of course. Have you ever stood or sat in a bare conservatory in the dark. Its a bit bleak to say the least, it echoes and its also cold! Try it in the middle of December at any time of day it is cold then too. One of our friends had had similar problems but had found the solution, namely conservatory blinds. She had them fitted to the roof and to the sides. The roof blinds had a special backing which helped reflect the heat back before it got in too far, and in the winter the same special backing would help keep some of the heat in. Apart from that, with the blinds down it made the conservatory quite homely even at night, and you didnt feel like you were in a gold fish bowl. Also, we didnt have to look at all of the fallen leaves on the top of the roof. We were sold and we wanted conservatory blinds too. We of course asked where she got them from and had a free no obligation quotation from a national supplier. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the price. We couldnt really afford them and would have to save we had spent all of our money on the conservatory you see. Luckily, my wife is more clever than I and had the great idea of looking online. I thought she was stupid because how would they know the sizes of my blinds? But she was right some online .panies now give you a guide price based on your conservatory size, and then send somebody out to take the exact measurements so the factory can make the blinds to size for you. Not only that, they .e back and fit the blinds for you turns out its a specialist job and I didnt fancy drilling through the roof to let rain in leave it to the experts! So what about the price? Well, as they dont have press advertising to spend on like the local .panies, it actually was much cheaper than the national chain which meant we got the blinds earlier than planned and in time for the next summer. So if you are going down the same journey as we did and you are looking for a conservatory, let me give you some advice. Make sure you budget for conservatory blinds. They make your conservatory usable in the heat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: