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Health A conference speaker is one who has the ability to hold his audience spellbound with the wisdom he offers and his eloquent delivery of the subject on which he speaks. Sometimes, such a speech is based on a specific subject of interest to the attendees, but often a conference speaker speaks on matters which are of general interest to all concerned. He sets the right ambience by using the correct tone and draws the interest of his audience to make the event enjoyable and memorable to them. A good conference speaker is usually an eminent personality who holds expertise on a particular topic or in a particular field. He enjoys recognition in genre of subjects in which he specialises and has usually authored some books and enjoys a popular following. Sometimes a conference speaker is also inspirational speaker, well-versed in motivating his listeners with stories and examples of those who have over.e obstacles in life and have emerged victorious. Such speakers are popular in seminars, meetings, discussion groups and other events and serve as a big draw for the audience to .e together and attend these lectures, thereby contributing to the success of the events. A conference speaker can be an author, an artist, a sports personality, a politician or well-known celebrity from any walk of life. A conference speaker normally adheres to the time slot given to him, but can speak on his subject from anything between 30 minutes to several hours, during which he holds the interest of his audience. The better the speaker, the more attentive his audience! A conference speaker is generally paid an honorarium or speakers fee for his services, though sometimes if the cause is charity the speaker may waive his fees. A conference speaker can be hired from a conference speaker bureau or from listings at other organisations. Normally the organisers perform their own search in order to meet the constraints of their budget, availability and other factors. Vishwa Prakash is a charismatic keynote speaker with the unique ability to hold the interest of his audience. As a mind/body speaker, spiritual speaker and after-dinner speaker, his talks instantly raise the energy of his groups and leave them spellbound. He speaks on how to reach out to your higher self, turning negativity into positivity, discovering your inner life purpose and meaning and other spiritual subjects. As a popular and sought-after healer, Vishwa offers an insight into the emotional origins of stress and practical coping solutions. Vishwa Prakash also has in-depth knowledge on LaughterYoga the art of therapeutic laughter with all its attendant benefits. His talks on laughter yoga are highly popular and boost motivation, morale and meaning at work, enhance teamwork and increase overall productivity. For more details about this inspirational speaker, or to hire him as a conference speaker for an event, visit vishwaprakash.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: