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"Conan" 20 anniversary of the first re set a new review of Conan "detective Conan" Episode ONE "small" detective data for Sina entertainment according to Japanese media reports, popular animation "detective Conan" in the TV broadcasting to commemorate the 20 anniversary of the final link project determined, the station will launch two hours special "detective Conan" Episode ONE "small detective", aired on December 9th, by the original author Gosho Aoyama personally supervisor. "Small" is edited by the original author of detective Gosho Aoyama’s new film, "detective Conan" as the origin of the first set of "roller coaster murder case" in no description of the part, including the characters’ action, mood and other details, the relationship between detective Kudou Shinichi and our childhood sweetheart of senior high school students, as well as the actions of the dark the detailed description of the young detective, Kogoro and Agasa Hakase will play the role, into a new story. "Roller coaster murder case" aired on January 8, 1996, the new blue and go to the amusement park dating, in homicide cases, the suspect is seven passengers, of which there are members of the black organization, after a new solution to detect abnormal cases, the black organization, has been tracking they found that he was forced into a drug under irrigation the child. In this special article, the new one can not express the feelings of the blue, into a child’s situation, as well as the true purpose of the dark organization will be opened one by one. The producer said: "drugs especially michihiko Suwa became the research organization members of Haibara Ai’s dark secret, and the real purpose of the black organization, which is the core of" detective Conan "of the story, all the fans want to know the secret." (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: