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College students can not get away with the expression package or students do not understand the July 2016, since the media, the new world launched a 24 hours without emoticons. Of the thousands of people involved, more than 30% of them have failed. In the report to the reader’s experience, there are users wrote: she said, how can I speak today I do not understand." Tianjin Normal University’s Li Si (a pseudonym) also participated in the experiment. In this experiment, the "Queen of expression" unexpectedly became the "challenge of success," the part of the people, but the process is not the same as previously imagined. There is no pain, less a lot of ‘bucket map’ time, and even play the phone time is reduced." Li Si memories, in addition to seriously and boyfriend to say a few words, in fact, there is nothing to talk about the content, put the phone aside. "Bucket map" is not only the expression typing in the chat network through the hair, back and forth expression, complete basic communication. The more Meng, more funny expression more popular. This is a common game after the appearance of the network expression. But Li Si also admitted that such an expression of the day can not last too long, because in the group and everyone is also one of the most important part of daily communication". In September 8th, the survey of 5386 college students in China’s college media alliance showed that about 88% of college students surveyed said they would use the. Among them, 37% of respondents in the use of online chat expression packet frequency is very high, chat can not be separated from the expression, and 51% of respondents said that the use of emotional expression or other needs". "Bucket map" has become a popular way of communication in the WeChat group, gathered from the country’s 89 colleges and universities students, professional from Chinese language and literature to astrophysics. "Do you have any classmates around you who like to look?" "Yes, I love it."." Hebei University of Technology (scores, professional settings) Han Chunwang side edge response to throw a look. Some." Four different "medicine" expression of a series of pop-up. Then, the original quiet WeChat group instant lively. The next 31 messages are emoticons, no words, but also on the link with the Hunan University of Science and Technology Deng Danjie just perfect, it is no sense of violation, "she added," feel this time without the teacher’s group are all fighting figure." Basically as long as someone sends a few facial expressions will trigger a pile." Zhejiang University of Media and Communications’ s Huang Yuqi said, "the class group in the bucket minutes’ 99+ ‘message reminder." She is usually the side of the old side new deposit to delete. She mentioned that she had saved a lot of "Teletubbies" for some time before, and the others in the group immediately sent out 6 different "Teletubbies" pictures. From the South China Agricultural University Deng Zixian think "now many people of the Republic of China, the Republic of China is one of the Korean actor Song Il Guk’s son of triplets, because in the Korean reality show was known and loved by a large number of users, the photo made expression package. Blink of an eye, the group will pop up in the 17 different Republican expression pack. "I also like the old expression pack." Then appeared in the group full screen相关的主题文章: