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Threshold threshold to improve the level of market activity will decline Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Xinhua news agency, Shanghai September 16th News Title: the classification of fund raising the threshold of market activity will decline by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yuan recently issued the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange "grading fund business management guidelines (Draft)", which improves the classification of the fund market participants two threshold, strengthen the regulations of investors warning, education and other aspects, marking the classification fund officially classified as complex financial products, apart from the general public fund products difference. The industry believes that, after the introduction of the guidelines or on the classification of the fund market has a broad impact, the future of the fund’s trading volume, liquidity, scale, or will shrink. The classification of the fund had already appeared in early 2007, but until 2015 has seen the market wide shocks, the market and product characteristics is to be fully revealed. The new regulations in the most concern is the classification of the fund threshold, "guidelines" pointed out that in the classification of the Fund (including A share and B share investors), the last 20 trading days under the name of daily securities assets of not less than 300 thousand yuan total. According to the fund industry association in 2014 investor survey results show that about 95.71% of the fund’s net asset value of the fund’s open account holders in the following 100 thousand yuan. Shanghai securities analyst Li Ying believes that the increase in the threshold for investors, the first tier of the impact of some investors were forced to clear off, resulting in liquidity contraction. Liquidity atrophy, due to the special characteristics of the classification fund products, there will be a series of derivative effects. If the liquidity is too low to reduce the risk of reducing the risk of superimposed market background, discount arbitrage, demand will reduce the scale of the scale of the fund to shrink. Li Ying said: a large proportion of the average daily trading volume of the fund itself has been very low, 300 thousand yuan to raise the threshold of investment, the volume of transactions to further reduce or will lead to a large area of trade dried up." Data show that a large number of classified B held for small investors, institutional investors accounted for only 8.82%. Class a share despite a higher proportion of institutional investors, but a considerable part of institutional investors to hold the lock, the average daily trading volume share is small, for example on Sunday turnover of 1 million yuan lower than the grade A has 60 more. Dacheng Fund said, has a certain influence on the market liquidity will reduce the number of investors and improve the threshold, but compared to the margin trading and stock index futures, the classification of the fund threshold increase is relatively small, so the overall impact is relatively limited. Despite the current stock of products more grading fund companies will form the impact, but a Shanghai fund company insiders said, the current has been suspended for approval, the scarcity of products significantly enhanced the existing classification. Once the structural market fit coming, grading fund still has larger development opportunities, there is no requirement in the compulsory liquidation background, most fund companies should be willing to bear the cost to keep this on相关的主题文章: