Chongqing will be the development of mountain trails and bicycle traffic do you expect plants war

Chongqing will be the development of mountain trails and bicycle traffic do you expect? Yesterday is world car free day, in the morning, more than 100 people, along the Qixinggang Tongyuanmen – consul Lane Lane mountain third mountain trail – a South Gate Chi jiaochangkou route feel a mountaintrails beauty. At the same time, the "Chongqing mountain trails and bicycle traffic planning design guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide") was officially promulgated. The mountain trails will be divided into three types of the future, the mountain trails will according to different position and bearing function for the walk streets, waterfront trails and hiking trails three. Walking Street: the traditional culture disappeared, walking space environment, the landscape is not ideal, put forward the guidance of planning and design, the whole street layout factors, humane facilities and landscape etc.. Waterfront Trail: for the waterfront space, step pedestrian facilities less hydrophilic viewing and green landscape is not ideal, waterfront public facilities and inadequate facilities, water environmental remediation quality is not high, in line setting, perfect facilities, landscape control elements and other aspects of the planning and design guidelines. Hiking trails: Aiming at the problem of accessibility is not good, the original landscape is not sufficient, combined with the guide sign is not perfect, put forward the planning and design guidelines for track layout, the original landscape, strengthen the protection of leisure facilities, improve the identification etc.. How to divide the future urban pedestrian area with the bus route? According to the characteristics of different types of walking activities, the background environment and the characteristics of the facilities, the guide is divided into the ecological leisure walking area and the urban living walking area. Among them, the ecological leisure walking area includes the basic ecological control area, mountain rivers, green groups and large city park green land area, natural landscape resources, mainly responsible for leisure walking activities. Urban living areas including urban areas outside the natural landscape resources, the main areas of leisure and leisure activities of the two types of walking. The "guide" also pointed out that the pedestrian system should be combined with the city four banks of two rivers (the Yangtze River, Jialing River), four mountains (Jinyun Mountain, Liangshan, Causeway mountain, mountain, water, Moon Mountain) features peculiar to Chongqing, according to local conditions, the mountain and make full use of the natural environment and ecological conditions, conform to the topography, reflect unique to Chongqing mountain, water, city development city. In addition, for the protection of pedestrian road retained within the scope of the ancient and famous trees and well grown trees should be planted green, new native plant species, such as Huang Geshu, ficusmicrocarpa, local node space and key area of the road walk can choose ornamental trees such as sycamore, osmanthus tree, etc.. Urban recreational areas will be dedicated bicycle cycling enthusiasts blessed, the future of the development of bicycle traffic in Chongqing. According to the characteristics of mountainous cities in Chongqing, this paper puts forward the guiding idea of Chongqing to set up the bicycle transportation system for a specific area or line. Regional network traffic function mainly undertakes short distance commute to school within 5km and connected to the bus station; special bike.相关的主题文章: