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Chinese women’s volleyball team in the future, the Chinese women’s volleyball finals will be against Kazakhstan, fourth to a shame. [collection] China team hanging with the rule of the tiebreaker beat Thailand 3-2 finals September 20th 2016 Asian Cup women’s volleyball sports Tencent in Vietnam into the last day. Chinese team will play against Kazakhstan in the final, the third China group phase 2-3 team had to surprise opponents, the girls in revenge. The overall strength of China women’s volleyball team is better than the opponent, to win the fourth champions also need to hold a pass, this is the title of the biggest premise. China group phase had upset loss to the Kazakhstan women’s volleyball team battles Kazakhstan to revenge the Asian Cup history, China team participated in all four games and made 3 crown 1 sub good results, but as long as the competition, at least to the finals. Chinese team won three times respectively in 2008, 2010 and 2014, the 2012 Asian Cup after the Olympic Games in London, the whole of the main Chinese expedition team lost to the Thailand women’s volleyball team, the runner up, after the event, coach Kyaw Min Yu also handed over the helm. The Asian Cup women’s volleyball team, Chinese sent two team coach, chaired by Chen Youquan, the 14 players were participating in the national team training experience, which is including two Rio Olympic champion members Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu. Group phase, China defeated South Korea team in the first round, second round with a 3-2 victory over Japan, the two game winning streak. The third group phase, Chinese team in all competitions had never lost in Kazakhstan, perhaps too underestimate the enemy unprepared, perhaps opponents go over the level of play, anyway, Chinese women in front of the opponent to fight, simple and brutal tactics for less than any cheaper, 2-3 lost by accident in the five match. For the first time in history, losing to the Kazakhstan women’s volleyball team, with the same group of Japan, Kazakhstan with 2 wins and 1 losses, because the board behind the Japanese team, ranked second in the group. After entering the playoffs, Chinese women’s volleyball team has a big heart, the semi-final with good state of Thailand women’s volleyball team, Chinese team before the three inning with the Bureau of 1-2 behind the start of the fourth set of 5-8 is still passive, at this time, the two Olympic champions Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu counterattack horn sounded, Chinese team Wangkou strength began to get angry, the results change danger into safety. The five match with a 3-2 win over Thailand, qualify for the finals, to avoid the worst in history. Kazakhstan in the semi-finals of the elimination of the Japanese women’s volleyball team, will meet with the Chinese team in the final. The group phase lost to the Kazakhstan women’s volleyball game, China caution, strive to revenge. To win the fourth crown to stabilize a current Asia Cup women’s volleyball team in the finals before, China played a total of 5 games, including 3 games are experienced five Bureau hard, are the group phase 3-2 victory over Japan, lost to Kazakhstan 2-3, 3-2 victory over the Thailand team in the semi-final. During the three five innings war, Chinese team was passive or was in the doldrums, mainly a mass instability, leading to the team rhythm disorder, Wangkou strength is difficult to play. At present, the main single Danner in the group phase, into the playoffs, Wang Mengjie became a system)相关的主题文章: