Chinese training professional team more than 4 thousand and 700 new network development of social

Chinese training team of more than 4 thousand and 700 professional development of social organization of more than 50 people – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Wuhan, August 25 (reporter Li Wei, Wei Zhi?) in recent ten years in China, a culture of more than 50 people in the professional social work personnel, the development of more than 4 thousand and 700 service agencies and more than and 450 private social work the social work profession organization. This is the reporter from the 25 held in Wuhan, China’s social work for the past ten years of review and Prospect of the forum was informed. According to Peking University professor Wang Sibin, President of China Institute of social work, ten years of social work in China has gradually completed the top-level system design, social work team is listed as one of the main national team, a series of laws and regulations also established the legal status of social work, in many areas of poverty alleviation and other national policy documents in China on the development of social work put forward specific demands. According to the Deputy Minister of civil affairs Gu Zhaoxi at the forum, more than ten years, our country in order to meet the objective need of social construction in the new period, to cultivate a social work personnel, professional social work services. In recent years, China’s implementation of the social work professional service support series of plans, set up a government purchase of social work service mechanism and gradually explore the community, social organizations, social workers "three social linkage mechanism and cooperation mechanism of social workers and volunteers. According to reports, ten years, China’s social work gradually from the home field of social governance in many areas, from the eastern developed regions, extending to the Midwest and rural areas, learn from foreign experience to gradually build with Chinese characteristics of social work theory and practice from the learning system. The development of social work in our country, for the majority of the masses, especially the special population, the difficulties of the crowd, to provide personalized, professional, personalized service, and gradually build a social protection and care support network.相关的主题文章: