Chinese Plant Extracts Industry Enters Into A Regulatory Era-candle june

Medicine It has been nearly 40 years since development of Chinese plant extracts industry begins. In the past, there were only 5 or 6 companies in the industry. Now there are thousands of companies. They have been marginalized from the field of medicine, food, health care to the gradual formation of a sub-sector with distinct features. Plants extracts downstream target audiences include manufacturers in health products, dietary supplements, functional foods or beverages, herbal medicine and cosmetics industry. Its natural characteristics lead the global health industry. Natural and green now has become common practices in the various fields. And the ultimate beneficiaries are the global consumers who advocate of natural health and buy herbal extract. With traditional herbal medicine industry, the plant extract industry is not only relying on the part of the Chinese herbal medicine, more part is based on the food material, such as lycopene extracted from tomatoes, rutin extracted from sophora japonica, extract of turmeric factors, resveratrol extracted from grapes, allicin extracted from garlic, garlic and capsaicin etc. Extract industry gives a modern high-tech development for traditional food material. And the purification of concentrated active ingredients will maximize the health effects for the dietary components. Meanwhile, China will begin to have regulatory system on extract industry. The situations without regulatory in Chinese plant extract industry for many years will come to an end. The relevant departments will begin supervisions for the plant extracts. For how to have specific implementation and what impact it will have on Chinese plant extract industry, the relevant departments of China will pay great efforts in its study. Chinese extract industry has been relying on development requirements of international nutrition and health industry. Pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers export many extract products to other countries every year. With the economic crisis rewrite the global economic situation, China is becoming one of the health markets and has caught the attention from the world. Markets of plant extracts industry with high-techs are not only the United States, Spain, Canada and other international markets, but also the Chinese market. More and more extract manufacturers of China have been aware of the problem. How to apply the QS production certificate as soon as possible now becomes one of the topics lying in front of Chinese plant extract industry. Source:..cospcn.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: