China is the most expensive ticket to open the car, Rolls-Royce mirage can not stand – Sohu

Chinese got a ticket for the most expensive car, Rolls-Royce ranked on the Phantom – Sohu automobile million Rolls-Royce mirage, or the special edition models, naked car prices will be 9 million 980 thousand, than the top with the phantom is expensive, nearly 6 meters of the body length, which are to attract people’s eyes, it is parked in it it is easy to attract the attention of passers-by, this car ten million dragon version of Rolls-Royce mirage parked on the roadside, the driver seems to get off to buy some food, because it is soon occupied lane, traffic police rushed to the scene, this huge monster will be fined. Not less than 10 cars to buy Rolls-Royce home owners, not to mention the 25 Global Limited vision, no matter what kind of car you drive, no matter how long you stop, as long as the Luantingluanfang certainly will be ticketed, even ten million luxury car traffic police will not relent. Domestic regulations up to you in tow, without affecting other vehicles to normal traffic conditions, mostly with penalty to deal with single, Rolls-Royce phantom by police posted on the ticket, in the cab window. Often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes, not to mention Rolls-Royce, Bugatti is still stuck, this car was parked in a Shanghai street value of 40 million will be opened at the traffic police, traffic police just and stern. Fortunately, did not affect other vehicles and pedestrians pass, or you may have to be towed, but this Bugatti not on the license plate, a ticket to do? The white car Koenigsegg Agera value 26 million 500 thousand, behind the police have noticed these luxury cars are photographs taken. On the window of the cab is labeled with an illegal parking notice. Because of the large engine sound nuisance, in some countries the sports car will often be ticketed, such as Monaco. The traffic police to ten million luxury car ticket situation is really rare in the urban area, parking, or not to leave the parking only a fine of 200 yuan is not deducted.相关的主题文章: