China Insurance Regulatory Commission expanding the pilot of APP rapid claims for motor vehicles to

CIRC: expand the APP auto insurance claims quickly extend the pilot to Beijing daily news to rural areas (reporter Cui Qibin Chen Tingting) in August last year Beijing pilot App auto insurance claims quickly, the Beijing Daily reporter was informed that this year, the CIRC will expand insurance claims App rapid expansion by the Beijing pilot provinces and cities outside, promoting a minor traffic accident disposal mechanism of extension to the highway and rural areas. At present, China’s motor vehicle ownership reached 270 million vehicles, nearly 320 million drivers, the next ten years, the number of motor vehicles and drivers will still be in a high growth period. To this end, the CIRC will join the Ministry of public security in 10 provinces and 3 cities (Tianjin, Liaoning, Jilin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Gansu and other 10 provinces and Baotou, Zhuhai, Xi’an) launched the road traffic accident fast fast lose pilot, and promote a minor traffic accident fast handling mechanism to extend highway and rural areas. It is understood that no casualties caused by traffic accidents, motor vehicles can be moved, and both sides have compulsory insurance liability for traffic accidents, can be negotiated by car insurance App negotiation. But the driver has no valid motor vehicle driver’s license, the driver has drinking, collision buildings, public facilities or other facilities and other circumstances, can not use car insurance App claims. In fact, Beijing began to test car insurance claims App since last year. In August last year, Beijing, Zhongguancun, Changping and Shahe introduced the new mechanism of accident rapid treatment, trial operation, two months App program, public browsing and attention totaled 25531 people, installation registration totaled 6937 people, using App to deal with 172 traffic accidents from Haidian. In this regard, some insurance companies responsible person said that more than 90% of the traffic accidents in Beijing is no accident, the traffic police at the scene according to the traditional processing mode, each from the accident alarm off about half an hour to the vehicle, which will cause the traffic jam for an hour or so, and the use of the rapid processing of App only about 5 minutes you can take the road, will greatly ease the traffic congestion caused by the accident. CIRC relevant responsible person said, auto insurance claims App pilot is conducive to promoting a minor traffic accident disposal mechanism to extend the highway and rural areas, the prevention of road traffic accident scene is not timely removal caused by traffic congestion and two accidents, quickly resolve conflicts and disputes caused by road traffic accidents, protect the justice quickly resolve damage compensation dispute. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

保监会:扩大车险APP快速理赔试点 向农村地区延伸   北京商报讯(记者 崔启斌 陈婷婷)继去年8月北京试点车险App快速理赔后,北京商报记者获悉,今年,保监会将扩大车险App快速理赔的试点,由北京向外省市扩张,推动轻微交通事故快速处理机制向公路和农村地区延伸。   目前,我国机动车保有量达到2.7亿辆,驾驶人近3.2亿,未来十年,机动车、驾驶人数量仍将处于高速增长期。为此,保监会将联合公安部在10省3市(天津、辽宁、吉林、上海、江苏、浙江、广西、贵州、云南、甘肃等10省市和包头、珠海、西安)启动道路交通事故快处快赔试点,并推动轻微交通事故快速处理机制向公路和农村地区延伸。   据了解,未造成人员伤亡的交通事故,机动车能够移动且双方均有交通事故责任强制保险的,可以通过车险App自行协商处理。但对于驾驶人无有效机动车驾驶证,驾驶人有饮酒、碰撞建筑物、公共设施或者其他设施等的情形不能用车险App理赔。   事实上,北京地区从去年便开始试点车险理赔App。去年8月北京海淀中关村、昌平沙河引入事故快速处理新机制试运行,试运行两个月App程序公众浏览及关注累计达25531人次,安装注册累计6937人次,使用App处理交通事故172起。   对此,某险企负责人表示,北京市90%以上的交通事故是无人伤事故,按照传统交警现场处理模式,每起事故从报警到车辆挪离约需要半个小时,这将造成道路拥堵一个小时左右,而使用快速处理App只需5分钟左右就能腾出道路,将大大缓解因事故造成的道路拥堵。   保监会相关负责人表示,车险理赔App的试点有利于推动轻微交通事故快速处理机制向公路和农村地区延伸,防范由于道路交通事故现场撤除不及时引发的交通拥堵和二次事故,快速化解因道路交通事故引发的矛盾纠纷,保障当事人公正快速地化解损害赔偿纠纷。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: