China and the United States Basketball elite tournament in Ningxia in September 3rd – tourism channe-oboni

US basketball elite tournament in Ningxia in September 3rd – start of the Travel Channel original title: American elite basketball tournament in Ningxia in September 3rd in August 28th, the reporter learned from the Ningxia Autonomous Region Tourism Development Committee was informed that the "2016 China Tourism high-level dialogue" content framework — one of the "2016 victory sports cup China US basketball elite tournament, will start in the autonomous region Gong stadium in September 3rd. It is reported that the "victory of the 2016 China US basketball elite sports Cup tournament, is the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau after the 2015 Arab four men’s basketball tournament, once again to create. The game by the strength of the team CBA Zhejiang Chouzhou bank team against the United States NBDL Development League star team. This event as the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau once again to the Ningxia local introduction of international high level basketball tournament, aimed at high-end events through the combination of basketball and sports tourism, comprehensive development of the full power of Ningxia local sports career. The event is not only a high level of international competition, it is a scene of Ningxia fans viewing experience. On the day of the game, will also be invited to Asia’s Top Trampoline Team and performances of local top buckle Winning Basketball baby. By then, the majority of basketball enthusiasts will feel the heat of the scene version of NBA basketball, the strength and speed of confrontation, the perfect display of health and beauty. (reporter Bao Shuling) (commissioning editor: Zhao Peng (Intern), Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: