Chengdu to deal with the water crisis second water reservoir construction Li Jia Yan (map) (video)

Chengdu to deal with the "water crisis" second water reservoir construction Li Jia Yan (Figure) Chongzhou (micro-blog) wells river hot springs will not in water under the morning of October 9th, Li Yan reservoir project started in Chengdu Chongzhou City wells River town. Chongzhou Wen Jing River, spring home quietly stand at the foot of oxygen, a dozen hot pool steaming, and the surrounding cloud cover around the fog all blend into one harmonious whole like a fairyland. However, the empty beauty under the pool. In the near future, it will increase with the level of Li Jiayan reservoir and not in water. Yesterday, the Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter walking in Chongzhou Wen River, recorded the beautiful memories of these will disappear. Decrypt Li Jia Yan total reservoir capacity equivalent to 108 Jincheng Lake originated in western mountainous area of Chongzhou city fire wells River Camp northeast Lu, Chuanshan, "the intricate water bulk flow, such as wells, Minjiang into words". Here, the vegetation is preserved better, less industrial layout, the water quality of its annual stay in more than two categories, and the average annual runoff of more than 320 million cubic meters. Chengdu City, the second water source – Li Jia Yan reservoir, is located in the Wenjing River, the dam is located in the upstream of Qingfengling bridge in Huaiyuan town in Chongzhou city about 1.3 kilometers. The day started at the dam site, made a blue and white "in Sichuan Province Li Yan reservoir dam" signs, banners, flags fluttering in the wind around. The future will be built here, the maximum dam height of 123 meters, large reservoir storage capacity of 171 million cubic meters. Li Yan reservoir main water source for wells River, can control the drainage area of 352.6 square kilometers. According to the plan, Li Yan reservoir, a total investment of 4 billion 964 million yuan, a total duration of 54 months. After the project put into use, the annual water supply to the surrounding 270 million cubic meters. Among them, every year for the Chengdu city water supply of 143 million cubic meters, equivalent to 108 Jincheng Lake capacity. The project also provides emergency reserves of 42 million cubic meters of water to meet the central city of Chengdu for at least 30 days, the per capita water demand of 70% emergency water demand. Doubts Why build a reservoir? Dujiangyan (micro-blog) water supply capacity is close to the limit of water supply in downtown Chengdu is mainly composed of tap water two plants, five plants, six plants and seven plants bear, the 4 water plants were collected from the Dujiangyan water conservancy project in Neijiang Minjiang River downstream of Zipingpu Reservoir (micro-blog) canal. In addition, in the city of Dujiangyan Zi Ping Pu Zhen Li Ming Cun, Jiang Village, water system but also the construction of a mill beach emergency water reservoir area, covers an area of about 1027 acres, a total investment of about 670 million yuan, the maximum storage capacity of 6 million 200 thousand cubic meters, can ensure that the main city of Chengdu 4 days of water demand. Why does Chengdu have to build second water sources in the case of emergency water sources? In fact, with the development of social economy, city of the increase in water consumption, coupled with the Minjiang River flow is reduced, leading to water supply capacity of Dujiangyan close to the ceiling". These data may be better able to explain the problem: Chengdu City, with an average annual water consumption has exceeded 5 billion cubic meters, close to the Dujiangyan water conservancy project total water transport 90%; urban area annual population of more than 100 thousand people, and the demand for water is increasing. It is estimated that by 2030, the population of the main city of Chengdu will reach 6 million 500 thousand, if only rely on the Dujiangyan water supply相关的主题文章: