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Chengdu emergency doctor rate team developed intravenous dispensing robot (Figure) – Beijing, a bottle of liquid capacity of ampoule 25ml into the instrument at the bayonet, press the OK button, the bottle is fed into the machine, by the two fan blade cutting the bottle, with the "bang", the instrument will be pushed off the bottle. The liquid suction needle into the infusion bag; the other side, the liquid vial packing also entered the machine for a similar operation, only 30 seconds to 40 seconds, can finish a bottle of liquid medicine with intravenous infusion. This is the intravenous dispensing robot first people’s Hospital of Chengdu, deputy director of the emergency department, invented by Zheng Yongqiang. Zheng Yongqiang after several setbacks, took 14 years to lead the team to develop the success of this robot, this technology has won a total of 120 national patents, there are 17 international patent applications. It is understood that the robot is expected to promote production at the end of the year, it will replace the nurse dispensing, to improve the efficiency of dispensing and protection of medical staff, has important significance. The biggest difficulty in the development of successful R & D bottle cutting and interrupt intravenous dispensing robot, Zheng Yongqiang spent 14 years. "I grew up like a machine." Zheng Yongqiang said, did not start their own conditions, mostly in the minds of thinking. Later, whenever there is intelligent machinery exhibition, they will go to the scene to watch, in those years he was in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou have seen the number of exhibitions have been numerous. In 2002, Zheng Yongqiang began to wonder what the research vein dispensing robot, he was alone, "I do not understand the mechanical drawing, and then find a friend to help me draw." Later, there are friends who understand the machine, programmers, etc., in 2014 set up a company specializing in research and development, in the first half of this year to complete the test machine. In fact, as early as 2005, Zheng Yongqiang completed a semi automatic dispensing robot, but because of the cost and other reasons, it is difficult to promote. But he knows that this area has a broad market in the country, it has not given up. In early 2009, he helped Shenzhen a company made a venous transfusion dispensing robot, but also because of the high cost, large area, can only reach more than and 60 bottles per hour dispensing, can not meet the clinical needs. R & D is not plain sailing, Zheng Yongqiang had thought of giving up. "At that time, the most difficult, is the bottle mouth interrupted, cutting and cutting of the light intensity is too heavy and too easy to break the bottle, the bottle, only this one through thousands of tests." Zheng Yongqiang memories, sometimes he came to the middle of the night, will immediately contact with the mechanical and engineering personnel exchanges, forget to eat is often something. And often after 24 hours of continuous work, drove to Guanghan to continue R & D. At present, in addition to motor and screw, the other parts of the robot are independent research and development and manufacturing. "Each robot has four units at the same time operation, each unit consists of two parts, a complete vial liquid, a liquid medicine for ampoule." Zheng Yongqiang said that each unit of the test machine can only put a bottle of liquid medicine, the official machine each unit can put 4 ~ 5 bottles of liquid medicine. Rhyme相关的主题文章: